Dates of Meetings 2016

19th January

Speaker:  Phil Collins

“The History of Punch

and Judy”

Competition: “A Puppet”


 16th February

Speakers:  Eugene & Margaret Schellenburg

“The Ifakara Bakery Project”

Competition:  “A Cupcake”


 15th March

Speaker” Mary Day

“Mary Day Silks”

Competition:  “Smooth & Silky!”


19th April

Speaker: Matthew Gacek

“Carson and I”

Competition:  “Below Stairs”


17th May

Resolutions Meeting

Speaker: Pamela Crook

“Medical Detection Dogs”

Competition:  “A Canine Favourite”


21st June

Social Evening


19th July

Speaker:  Arthur Ball

“The Galapagos Islands”

Competition:  “Distant Places”


 16th August

Speaker:  Simon Lawton

“John Moore & the work in the Museum”

Competition:  “Old Tewkesbury”


20th September

Speaker:  Dr Sue Jennings

“Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

First Female Doctor”

Competition:  “DIY Stethoscope”


18th October

Speaker:   John Dixon

“How did you obtain your first pair of Nylons?”

Competition:  “Suspenders!”


 15th November


Speaker: Beryl Cox

“A World War Evacuee”  

Competition: “War Time Mementos”


 13th December

Christmas Meal and Entertainment


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