Reports & Speakers 2012

September 2011 – Jonathan Briggs illustrated his talk on Mistletoe Traditions and Legends.  We learned a few things about mistletoe that we were not previously aware of e.g. that this particular area is one of the best for it and will be looking at it in a different light from now on.

October 2011 – Steve Morton was our Speaker and with the aid of a quiz he had devised, we tried to guess the answers.  After that he explained how the Gloucestershire Arthritis Trust came into being and we learned a great deal about arthritis.  One of our members spent the evening with her eyes shut while squirming at the thought of the description of some of the items of equipment they purchased.  Viv “shuffled” forward to thank Steve.

November 2011 – Well! What an evening we had!  We had a demonstration from Glenda Ford who just happens to be the GFWI Vice Chairman and part of the Home Economics committee!  Glenda entertained us with her “Christmas Treats”, a selection of easy recipes to make the festive season a more enjoyable time because we will be well prepared!  Her running commentary of her mishaps and encounters with people and objects were highly amusing.  All in all, a very enjoyable evening.

 January 2012

The President welcomed members and three visitors.  When Viv arrived there was a great round of applause as we were delighted that she was back safe and well from her very short cruise on the Costa Concordia!  We sang Jerusalem – it came into the “must do better” category!!  The minutes of the November meeting were read and signed as a true and accurate record of what had taken place.

The Sound System – hoorah – it’s working!!  Hopefully, the President and Secretary no longer have to shout!!  Apart from a bit of hassle moving the microphone – it seemed to work quite well.

The Christmas concerts organized by the GFWI “Only Men Aloud” as the guest artistes were excellent.

Members who attended the Group Carol service at Beckford thought the refreshments were delicious – but it was a shame about the Carol that nobody knew!

The Litter Pick will take place around the 22nd of March and a list will be available to sign up for it at the February meeting.

The President encouraged members to produce a card suitable to send to the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee which could be entered in the Tim Poole Cup competition.  The entry would be paid for by the Institute.

The Everyman Theatre are offering two tickets for the price of one on some performances for the next few weeks.  As Bredon WI is not a very arty, crafty WI, the president wondered whether members would like to start a knit and natter group; she also asked members to let the Committee know of any activity or outing that they would like the Committee to arrange.  Any ideas would be gratefully received and a suggestion box will be available at he February meeting.

The Annual Council Meeting list is out for March along with a chance of four lessons for Golf for beginners.

The pros and cons of the six resolutions were discussed and members were asked to vote for one.  Some members thought that none of them were worth a vote!!!

We finished the evening with a competition by splitting into groups and trying to decipher what the words and various drawings on the sheets meant.!!!  There was a lot of hustle and bustle as the numerous sheets moved around the room and – there was one  very clever team who got the most right!!!

The raffle was drawn and refreshments served.

February 2012

We stood in silence to remember Betty Beck and Isabelle Hooper – long standing members of Bredon WI who recently passed away, after which, the President welcomed members and visitors.

The Sound System is now working well, that is, once the batteries had been replaced! Members who attended Beckford’s 90th birthday celebrations had a very enjoyable evening.  The list is still available to sign up for the Annual Council meeting in Cheltenham.  Once again Glenda Ford had been booked to cater for our Christmas dinner.

The lunch at The Bell at Eckington had been very good and an enjoyable occasion.  Our organiser is to try the Broadway Hotel shortly.  The Litter Pick will take place around the 22nd of March and a list is available to sign up.   The resolution which will go forward to the NFWI AGM is the Employment of more midwives.  The President asked for a show of hands for members interested in going to see Calendar Girls at the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham.  One member wondered whether it meant the Theatre were recruiting the actors – but our cherry buns are not big enough!!!  The knit and natter group is starting this week and there is a suggestion box on the table if members would like to make the Committee aware of any ideas they have.

A thank you letter has been received from the Arthritis Trust for the Christmas cards which had been donated by members.  Malcolm Dunn has a questionnaire to be completed requiring members’ views on the Playing field facilities.

Viv told us about her experience at Denman while learning to learn to play the harp.  There were six on the course but Viv was already a few steps ahead of the others.

There was a brief report on the Tewkesbury Group meeting – the Spring meeting is to be held at Beckford on 16 May with speaker, Nadine Carr as Aunt Martha, and the competition of Lotions and potions.  Chris and Joan are running the bookstall.  Bredon will be hosting the Group meeting in 2013 and Twyning are arranging the Carol Service this year.  There may be a Jubilee Jolly later in the year.

The Speaker – Nicola Clarke then told us of her expedition to Cornwall in her campervan and sang some of the songs she had composed.  The tale of the Cerne Abbas Giant will remain in our memories for some time!

March 2012 

The President welcomed members and visitors.  We believe we are one of the few Institutes that still sings Jerusalem – long may it be so!

Travel arrangements were in hand for the Annual Council meeting in Cheltenham.  We had a moment when everyone appeared to look at the floor when volunteers were asked to fill  gaps in the areas to be covered on the Litter Pick list!  I wonder why?  The Ecology Department at the school are helping this year and the Parish Council are giving the WI a donation of £100 for our efforts.  There were lists to sign up for the Group Spring meeting at Beckford on 16 May and for Calendar Girls at the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham in September.  The knit and natter group has started and appears to be going great guns!  The suggestion box produced a few ideas – a magnifying glass (which we now have), a fashion show by M & Co and a trip to London and travel arrangements for that are being investigated.  Those attending Cheltenham Races last week had a great day – who was the guy in that stretch limo who handed out the glass of champagne & which member received it?????  No one mentioned those scantily clad statues stood at the marquee entrance either. Was it a case of what goes on tour stays on tour??  There is a list available to sign up for the visit to Wells in May and menus are available for a two course lunch at Dumbleton Hall on 27 April.

A request has been received for afternoon tea for a party from Worcester on May 2nd.

A draw took place for three Denman Bursaries, twelve names were drawn to enable reserves to take up the bursary if necessary.

The committee are considering various ideas for outings – a picnic on Bredon Hill, a quarterly coffee morning, an outing to Hampton Court Castle and a visit to Stratford upon Avon.

We had an excellent talk from Megan Baynes and Zoe Cox, two of the younger people in the village, who gave us a very professional presentation of the history of the Outward Bound organization and answered questions on their experiences – Megan at Loch Eil in Scotland and Zoe at Ullswater in Cumbria.  They had both thoroughly enjoyed their adventure.

We also had a brief talk from Viv Ebbage about her recent experiences on the Costa Concordia. She has not put her off cruising!

April 2012

The President welcomed members.  We sang Jerusalem.  This time, unknown to us, it was recorded!  See the report for the April speaker.

Congratulations and very best wishes were extended to one of our members for her 80th birthday and then we were advised that not only was she 80 but on her actual birthday she got married!!  There was a great round of applause.

The Litter Pick had been successful and on the day we had wonderful weather.  There are 9 members going to Wells, which ought to be an interesting outing.  The Group Spring meeting at Beckford on 16 May is virtually fully subscribed and the Bredon entry for the competition is under way.  The Knit and natter group is going well and a number of items have been completed, quite an achievement considering all the nattering that we are advised takes place!  A visiting group have requested one of our “teas” and this takes place on 2 May at Bredon’s Norton.  There is to be a coffee morning on 31 May in the Village Hall from 10.30 am to 12 noon.  Preserves, cards and books will be on sale.  This is a W.I. venture open to all.  A picnic lunch has been arranged on Bredon Hill on 19 July and Beckford mini bus will make two journeys up the hill.  An evening walk has been arranged for 22 May.  Our June meeting will be a Jubilee celebration with a red, white and blue theme.  We hope the members will donate various food items and a list will be available in May.  We also hope to have our homespun entertainers at the meeting too.  Arrangements are in hand for the lunch at Dumbleton Hall on 27 April.

NFWI will be carrying out a survey of members with regard to arrangements for the 2015 Centenary AGM!

As the Bredon delegate, I enjoyed the Annual Council meeting and gave my report of the day.

There will be a visit to the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester for a GFWI Garden Party to celebrate the Jubilee, a trip to Bletchley Park.

Our speaker was Mark Cummings of Radio Gloucestershire and he opens up the programme every morning with his early show.  He told us that he had already recorded our singing of Jerusalem and had obviously been listening very carefully while the minutes were read.  During his entertaining talk he mentioned a number of items which had been referred to in the minutes and said he would like to interview a few members afterwards – so that snippets could be recorded for the BBC Radio Gloucestershire Breakfast show on Wednesday morning.  We had a 70s quiz and I’m sure members were surprised to learn that when he asked the question about the Severn Bore – one member said she had married him!!  He also told us about the missing dumplings and read some amusing poetry and we were invited to visit the BBC Radio Gloucestershire Studios.  The member offering the vote of thanks said to Mark said she woke up with him each morning – quite a few of us I’m sure were rather envious!

May 2012

The President welcomed members and we sang Jerusalem.  I know I write this each month but we are one of not so many W.I.’s that still sing Jerusalem.  What a shame others don’t.

We had one new member presented with a New Members pack.

The closing date for the trip to Bletchley Park is on 7 June and this will also be the last opportunity to sign up for the Jubilee Garden Party at the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester on 3 July.  The trip to the Bishops Palace at Wells has been oversubscribed and Bredon members are now going on 14 June with a Tewkesbury coach pick up.  Arrangements for the Group Spring meeting at Beckford tomorrow evening are in hand .  Although the competition entry looks as though its been purchased at a smart department store, we were assured that the potion has been made and packaged by two of our members!  The next meeting of the Knit and natter group is on Thursday.                       The tea at Bredon’s Norton on 2 May was very well received.  The coffee morning on 31 May is to be held in the Village Hall from 10.30 am to 12 noon – cost – 50p for coffee & a biscuit.  Preserves, cards and books will be on sale.  Arrangements for the picnic lunch on Bredon Hill on 19 July are in hand and the  Beckford mini bus will make a journey up the hill for those members who are unable to walk up!  The evening walk on 22 May will start from the Village Hall car park at 6 p.m.

Our June meeting will be a Jubilee tea party and lists are available to sign up for food and for members to provide entertainment.  The lunch at Dumbleton Hall was very successful and arrangements are in hand for another lunch there on 6 July.  The President  encouraged members to take part in the NFWI Centenary Survey and Joan explained the difference in the cost of sending a delegate to the three suggested venues.  Eunice explained a little of the ACWW project in Burundi and encouraged members to sponsor Celia Hargrave who ran 50 miles on 29 April – which was a ghastly day – wet and wild is the best description – but despite the weather Celia completed the 50 miles in 11 hours and 25 minutes.  The ACWW collection box was circulated and the total contents amounted to £76.60.  The President also encouraged members to sign up for the Big Walk – Little Splash and asked members to keep a record of any walks they had done – in the hope that as many members as possible take part in this initiative.  A date has not yet been set for the visit to Hampton Court Gardens – but it was thought that the visit may take place in September.

The Parish Council have approved the planting of a flowering cherry tree with a plaque in the Playing fields to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.  Margot encouraged members to let her know if they could help prune the shrubs and do some weeding in the Village Hall garden.

The President read the note received from Diana Colbeck encouraging members to visit Denman and Course brochures are available.   Volunteers were required to sell the NFWI raffle tickets.  A few members were interested in entering a Bell Boat team at the Church Fete on 8 September.

The facts on the Resolution were presented and a vote was taken.  11 members voted in favour of the resolution and 33 against.  A few members wished to abstain although there is no opportunity for an abstention.  Various items were mentioned from the Newsletter.

Our Speaker was Joan Needham, one of our own members who then took us on a pilgrimage through the Holy Land.  This was something that she and her husband had been hoping to do some years previously – but due to the warring factions, the visit had been cancelled then.  We visited all those interesting places that most of us have only ever heard or read about.  The presentation was very professionally done and Joan was thanked by Dorothy Lester.

June 2012

The President welcomed members – all looking very smart in posh frocks and almost everyone in red, white and blue.  Where did our treasurer get that hat??????  We sang Jerusalem with gusto whilst looking at a delightful red, white and blue flower arrangement in the Rose Bowl.  The weather that evening was very pleasant – warm and dry!!! We haven’t had one of these since March!

Two new members were presented with New Members packs and got a round of applause. We received £100 from the Parish Council as a donation for the Litter pick.  Tickets had been received for the Diamond Jubilee Garden Party and the trip to Bletchley Park.  Members had a good day at the Bishops Palace in Wells – but were caught in traffic on the return journey.  The Spring Group meeting at Beckford was a great success and the coffee morning on 31 May at the Village Hall was very well supported.  Arrangements are in hand for the picnic on Bredon Hill on 19 July.  Walkers are going from Westmancote, Bredon’s Norton and Overbury and we are hoping for a sunny day or at least a dry one!  There will be another lunch at Dumbleton Hall on 6 July. The President reminded members to complete the NFWI Centenary Survey.  The secretary was delighted to report that the project sponsored by the Federation – supporting 60 marginalized women in Burundi, teaching them to grow fruit and vegetables which they can sell at markets or to the juicing factories enabling them to support their families, has been fully funded by WI members in the County. A wonderful achievement!  Volunteers are required to sign up on the Tea rota – otherwise future WI meetings are going to be very dry!!!!!  The President reminded people that tonight is the final opportunity to sign up for tickets for the Christmas concerts and Singing for Joy.  NFWI Raffle books are on sale.

Kemerton WI are running a trip to Hampton Court Castle on 21st September, members were encouraged to sign up.  Twyning WI have arranged a visit to Broadway for lunch on 14 August at the home of Carolyn Gordon-Smith – a NAFAS member – with an opportunity to look around the garden, lunch and flower arranging demonstration.

Various items were mentioned from the Newsletter.

The red, white and blue raffle was drawn.  The Hall had been decked with red, white and blue bunting for the Jubilee Tea Party and the table in the kitchen was groaning with a variety of “eats” – even some of those had the red, white and blue theme.  Members had been very busy making sandwiches, cakes, sausage rolls etc.  A glass of bubbly was served and the President proposed a toast to the Queen who has served the Country very well for the past 60 years.  We tucked into the feast followed by the entertainment provided by various members, which also turned out to have a RED, WHITE and BLUE theme!  The evening ended with members singing some old and not so old songs from the decades that we all knew, culminating in Land of Hope and Glory.

The Speaker – Rob Hemming took us back to the time, when – as children, those members who were able to afford it, or lived near enough, went to the Cinema on a Saturday morning!  Rob showed us various slides of Evesham in the days before the Regal Cinema was built, during its building, as it is today and how it will look in the future.  Rob was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and was thanked by Elaine Cantle.

It was a packed evening enjoyed by all!

July 2012

Wow!  Another new member was presented with New Members pack and got a round of applause. We really appear to be growing – just like Topsy!

 The trip to Bletchley Park had been very successful and those balloted out will get an opportunity to go on 1st October.  The Diamond Jubilee Garden party at Cirencester had been a very enjoyable occasion.  Everyone had turned out in posh frocks and hats, there was a quiz, the string quartet playing and a tour of the college.  Regrettably the picnic on Bredon Hill had to be cancelled because the weather forecast was dreadful for that day and as it happened, someone who had been up the hill reported very boggy conditions. Lunch at Dumbleton Hall was very enjoyable and another date will be organized later in the year.  Members are needed to crew the Bell Boat at the Church fete on 8 September.  Get out your boating gear and have a go!  Members have signed up for the trip to Hampton Court Castle in Herefordshire with Kemerton WI and the arrangements are in hand for the lunch and garden visit at Broadway on 14 August arranged by Twyning WI.  NFWI Raffle books are for sale.   

We have been advised that a vacancy exists for a book keeper at WI House. 

 Three members recently attended the Gloucestershire Denman weekend.  Chris had done the Keep Fit the Healthy Way course and had a thoroughly enjoyable time – it made the rest of us feel worn out just listening to all the exercise and line dancing.  Joan participated in the Digital photography course.  We were delighted to see that she still has all her fingers intact, despite the Tutor threatening to chop them off if he saw anyone using the flash!  Sylvia then gave us the low-down on the Global Gourmet cookery course and was very impressed with the facilities at Denman.  It seemed the course included dishes from around the world and the smell of herbs and spices were fantastic.  Sylvia thanked the WI for the bursary.  

Elaine read out Judith Drury’s report on the AGM.  Judith had a very enjoyable time and encouraged everyone to go when they got the opportunity.

August 2012

The President welcomed members and visitors.  We sang Jerusalem and the President commented upon the wonderful sunflowers we had for this month’s flower arrangement. At least we could look at the flowers and think of the sun, as we haven’t seen much of it at all this summer!

After the minutes of the July meeting had been approved we moved on to upcoming matters. There are still places available on the trip to Bletchley Park on 1st October if anyone else would like to visit.  The picnic on Bredon Hill has been rescheduled for 20 September for anyone who would like to go.  Another lunch at the The Bell at Eckington has been arranged.  Regrettably we were unable to get a team together to crew the Bell Boat at the Church fete on 8 September.  Kemerton WI have arranged the trip to Hampton Court Castle.  A wonderful afternoon was had by members attending the garden visit and lunch at Broadway arranged by Twyning WI.  This is your last opportunity to buy the NFWI Raffle tickets.  Remember to put the coffee morning at the Village Hall on September 6th in your diaries.  Tickets have been obtained for those members wishing to attend “Calendar Girls” at the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham in September.

The secretary advised us that NFWI have given notice of an increase in the 2013 subscription, which will be £33!  The WI will get an additional £1 and the Federation an additional 50p.  Bredon had received a donation from the Parish Council for doing the Litter Pick and proposed making a donation of £50 to the Play and Recreation Committee who have to pay for and maintain the equipment in the new children’s play area – all present agreed.

The President advised the membership that our secretary is standing down next year and asked whether anyone would be willing to stand for the committee and that particular role.

Bredon are hosting the 2013 Group Spring meeting.   The Chandler room and entertainment are booked for 9 May.  Twyning are hosting the Carol service this year.  Kemerton will be 90 in 2013 and are having a party on 27 March.

No speaker this month but our entertainment was provided by two very funny ladies who called themselves Dame and Diva.  They sang some amusing songs, acted out a couple of sketches interspersed with poetry.  A jolly good evening was enjoyed by all.  They were thanked by Wendy Roberts.

September 2012

The President welcomed members and we sang Jerusalem after which the August minutes were read and approved.

Regrettably there were no takers for the walk up Bredon Hill on Thursday so that will be kept under review for next year.  Arrangements are in hand for Kemerton WI trip to Hampton Court Castle on Friday. The coffee morning at the Village Hall on 6th September was a success and we even had four men who turned up, albeit at different times!   Tickets for the Autumn County Meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse have been distributed.  Marian made a plea for members to sign up to entertain Darby and Joan Club at their 60th Birthday in November.  Now, dare we mention the dreaded “C” word? The Christmas Dinner list is available for members to sign up!

An invitation has been received from Twyning W.I. for members to attend the Carol service on 13 December at 2.30 p.m. and to their October meeting when Val Threlfall is speaking on Ration books to Coronation.  NFWI are encouraging members to buy milk from establishments that supports British Farmers.  Elaine Cantle thanked all who provided cakes for the Church fete and asked for volunteers on behalf of the Playgroup for marshals and stewards for the quarter marathon taking place at Bredon this weekend. 

Various items were mentioned from the Newsletter and it was noted that Eunice is on page 3 – no – not that Page 3 – she is clothed in golfing gear!!!!!  There is a list to sign up for the trip to Bath Christmas market.

We were all well and truly inspired by Celia Hargrave, our Speaker, who told us how her experience of the Sahara Marathon came about.  We then travelled with her every step of the way, including her training, accommodation on arrival and during the event and then we went up and down those dunes each day and were jammed in that tent at night like sardines.  Celia amused us all by saying that she had taken all the labels off her meals – to keep her backpack as light as possible and it was quite a thrill for her to discover what it was she had to eat each day!!  Celia was thanked by Viv.

October 2012

The President welcomed members and as usual we sang Jerusalem.  However, we are not complacent about doing so as our members would miss it if we gave up.  It is very much part of the makeup of Bredon W.I.  The September minutes were read and approved.

Those who had been on the trip to the Bletchley Park had had a super day – but it was a long coach journey.  The outing to Hampton Court Castle organized by Kemerton WI and been enjoyed by all who went. The Autumn County Meeting was very good.  The speakers were Mike Hurst, who was in the Springfields Group but also composes his own music and we joined in some very popular songs as he played along, Celia Hargrave also told us about her sponsored run for ACWW on that ghastly day in April and Alma De Hagman who is The Project leader for Eastwood Park prison – the only Womens’ Prison for miles around gave an insight into life at the prison for the more mature female inmates.  Those who went to the Playhouse theatre to see Calendar Girls said it was an excellent production.  Marian made another plea for members to sign up to entertain Darby and Joan Club at their 60th Birthday in November.  The Calendars and Diaries are now available for collection.  Sylvia Harrington entered two cakes in the Malvern Bake Off – but when she went to  collect them at the end of the day – there was only one to collect!  Obviously her rich fruit cake had been greatly admired!  Bredon WI are planting a rowan tree on 1st November at 2 p.m. in the Playing field to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and Sue Wilson has been invited to do the ceremonial planting and we hope to have some press coverage on that occasion.  The Christmas Dinner list is still available for members to sign up.  The menu has changed slightly with a third choice of dessert.   Arrangements are well in hand for the Lunch at The Bell at Eckington.

Now – we couldn’t help but notice the colourful display of blankets, hats and toys etc. produced by the Knit and Natter group –  If they did half as much nattering as they did knitting it was a wonder any garments were produced!  However, all joking aside, they have done extremely well.

Various items were mentioned from the Newsletter including the health survey, the walking weekend in the Isle of Wight and the ACWW project.

Well – what can I say? Our speaker, Arthur Ball, was once again quite brilliant.  We were all transported to India for the evening on a Bird watching and tiger hunting trip and experienced the sights.  We were most impressed with the colours and variety of birds – vivid blue, bright red and more.  The tigers – although scary – were majestic animals and with his zoom lens, the close ups of the birds and tigers were fantastic.  The Taj Mahal at dawn was something else.  Arthur was thanked by Mary.

November 2012

The President welcomed members.  We sang Jerusalem and stood in silence to remember Val Sucking who passed away today.   

The President urged members to attend the Coffee morning on 6 December when the Cobalt cards and their annual raffle will take place.  Good reports had been received from the Derby & Joan 60th Birthday celebrations when the WI had provided the food and entertainment.  Marian thanked Joan for all her hard work arranging the tree planting ceremony attended by the County Chairman Sue Wilson, to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  Quite a few members returned to the Village Hall afterwards for refreshments – it was a successful afternoon.  Tonight will be the last opportunity for members to sign up to attend the Tewkesbury Group Carol Service at Twyning on 13 December.  

Marian mentioned the Bredon’s Norton Coffee morning on 8 December from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  A skittle evening has been arranged by Tewkesbury Group on 22 January at the Bluebell Pub, StratfordBridge.  Eunice mentioned the information received from County regarding the Digital Champion.  There are places available on a trip to Bath and ClavertonPark arranged by the County on 29 November and various other items of correspondence regarding the Denman survey which appears in the latest WI Life.

 The business of the AGM took place, reports were read and elections completed.   

Eunice read the Annual Report which detailed the events attended and arranged by BredonWI this year, it has been a busy but successful year. 

 The President, in her address encouraged members to challenge themselves – as the WI offers the opportunity to learn and develop new skills and activities.  Three members have taken up golf as a result of the lessons offered by the County. DenmanCollege also offers a host of different courses as well as the opportunity to make new friends.  The success of the Knit and Natter group – results of which were on display at the October meeting resulted in a consignment of items being taken to the Samaritans Purse Holding Depot in Evesham recently.  It is intended that another Charity be supported next year.  Marian thanked the all Committee members and mentioned Eunice who is standing down as Secretary after 9 years in Office, Georgina who is standing down after 3 years and Sylvia after one year.  The Committee were thanked for their loyal support and Marian also thanked those members who work in the background – providing flowers, thanking the Speakers and serving refreshments at the monthly meetings.    Wendy Roberts was thanked for arranging the lunches at various venues.  Marian said the WI is not just a name – it is the people who make it what it is.   

Various items were mentioned from the Newsletter including Ladies Day at Cheltenham Racecourse, the Calendar Competition and a Recipe for a Good WI. 

Our speaker Dr Tony Davies was obviously passionate about Tchaikovsky and talked for quite some time!  We were given some interesting facts and enjoyed some of Tchaikovsky’s music- most of which was recognized by our members.  Dr Davies was thanked by Wendy.


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