Reports and Speakers 2014

January 2014

Joan welcomed 35 people from visiting WI’s and 57 Bredon members our 90th anniversary celebration!  What a marvellous turnout.

Jerusalem sounded really wonderful with so many people and Joan gave an interesting demonstration as to where the emergency exits were, she had always wished to emulate airline cabin staff!!  Beckford and Newtown were thanked for their cards of congratulation and a card was read out from Sue Rowles who unfortunately had been unable to attend the evening due to ill health, but she had sent her congratulations.

There was very little business, which was covered very quickly in order to get on with the fun part of the evening.  Margot was thanked for organising the clear out of the community cupboard at the Village Hall, which meant people were actually able to find things without danger to life and limb!!

The Christmas Dinner had been a happy and festive occasion with many compliments and as yet no complaints.  Large quantities of food for the Tewkesbury Food Bank had been brought along by members.  Well done everyone.

The Group Carol Service had been enjoyed, with the retiring collection being donated to Tewkesbury Day Centre and many thanks to Kemerton WI for organising the evening.

Joan advised that the Annual Council Meeting would be held at Cheltenham Town Hall on Wednesday 26th March and sought a volunteer to be the Bredon delegate.  The candidate would have her expenses paid but would need to complete a short report for the April meeting.

Everyone was reminded to complete their Resolution Voting Slips as printed in WI Life and to leave them in the envelope provided.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to a bursary for Denman which was available.  Anyone interested should apply personally with details of their selected course and why they think they qualify.  This is only open to those people who have never previously attended a course.

Joan was then pleased to outline the programme for the evening and introduce Mr Philip Taubenheim the auctioneer who was to discuss the items everyone had brought along.

Mr Taubenheim was a most entertaining and amusing speaker, who first outlined how he had become an auctioneer and then regaled us with some amusing anecdotes.  He went on to discuss as many of the items that had been brought in (approx. 100) as he could find time for.  In the interval delicious canapés were served with wine, the beautiful cake was cut by Mavis Fisher (a previous President) and she was accompanied by past presidents, Gloria Washbourne, Marion Ralls and Viv Ebbage.  The toast was given by Joan, our current president.  Joan also explained that sadly Marian Enstone had been unable to attend at the last moment as she had fallen and broken her hip.  She had contacted Joan to say thank you to all the members who had sent her cards and good wishes and that she would be thinking of us.  Many thanks were due to the catering committee for all their hard work.


Joan welcomed 42 members and four visitors to the meeting,  thanked Beryl for the plant which would be added to the raffle at the end of the meeting and we all enjoyed Jerusalem.  Joan went on to say that she had spoken with Sue Rowles recently and was pleased to report that Sue was doing well, doctors were pleased with her progress and she was keeping her spirits up.  Sue thanked everyone for their good wishes and the cake from our 90th celebrations.

So far some 64 members had paid their subscriptions for 2014 and in March the Denman Bursary  would be drawn from paid up members who had not received a bursary in the past five years.

Everyone was reminded that if they were having difficulty in hearing in the Jubilee Room they should try sitting in different parts of the room as due to interference to the amplification system from lighting etc. this could make a difference.

The 90th celebrations had been a huge success enjoyed by everyone and many compliments had been received.  The auctioneer had been entertaining and amusing and the refreshments excellent.

Our next coffee morning is 3rd April and everyone, including non members and husbands are most welcome.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the supply of blank Denman dip slips on the table.  Anyone who wished to take part in the dip for a Denman Bursary which would be drawn at the Annual Council Meeting should complete a slip and pass it to Elaine Cantle along with the money.

We will continue to serve wine at the beginning of meetings as this has proved very popular, with teas and coffees being served at the end of the meeting.  More people were required to sign up as refreshment hostesses and to provide flowers or give a vote of thanks.

At the recent group meeting Twyning outlined plans for the Group Spring Meeting on Monday 28 April at 7.00 when the speaker would be Angela Baker of Calendar Girls fame.  Tickets would be limited due to the size of the venue.  There was a board out and tickets would be on a first come first served basis with a Reserve List.  Parking would be very limited and members were asked to share cars.  The competition was to be a limerick one entry per WI and the speaker would judge.  Payment for tickets will be needed at the March meeting as we have to pass over funds on 1 April.  It is intended to have a Group Race Evening at the Bredon cricket club in the summer – date to be advised.

Everyone was reminded that they needed to make a menu selection and pay immediately for the proposed lunch to be held on Friday 21 February at the Tewkesbury Garden Centre.

Joan reminded members that she had spoken at the AGM in November of finding a project for 2014.  It had been suggested that we could research the names on the plaque of remembrance in St Giles Church. Joan then  suggested we research names relating to World War I as this would be most appropriate in this year of remembrance.  Joan had spoken to another member about researching the names on line.  Joan had brought along lists of names and asked if members could identify any family names with which they were familiar and let her have any information for inclusion.  It is proposed to put the final project on view in January 2015 and the book would be passed to the church afterwards.

A number of items were highlighted in the Newsletter, Taste of Denman Day, GFWI Walk to  Woolaston, Bunting Competition see EC, RAL Space visit see EC.  Details were given of a proposed visit to Oakham Treasures by Kemerton WI and places were available.  18 March, £17.50 including coach, 10.00 am departure.  If interested pleased see EC.

Joan was then very pleased to welcome back Arthur Ball who was to speak on his ‘Botswana Experience’ – this of particular interest as two Bredon members were visiting this area later in the year.

Next month’s speaker would be Richard  Box (a Denman tutor) giving a talk on the intriguing title ‘Taking a Line for a Walk’.


Margot welcomed 46 members and explained she would be presiding this evening as Joan was away in the Lake District. Thanks to Chrys Hendi Warner for the flower arrangement which would be added to the raffle at the end of the meeting. Jerusalem was sung and Margot presented Helen Newborough with her New Members Pack. Helen took this opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts in collecting plastic milk bottle tops. She explained that the scheme was doing really well and schools were now involved. The tops went to be recycled and were used again. Helen was endeavouring to find out the name of the company involved. For every load of tops weighing the same as a wheelchair the company purchased a wheelchair. Helen reminded members that it was just milk bottle tops no others.

Apologies were received from eleven members.  The Minutes of the last meeting were available and would be signed at the end of the meeting.

Spring Group Meeting – Margot reminded everyone that the board was out for the Spring Meeting at Twyning and urged people to sign up, money was required this evening. The first line of the limerick was ‘Some mature ladies from Rylston’.  The lunch at Tewkesbury Garden Centre had been attended by 16 members and was a very successful event. Wendy Roberts was thanked once again for organising it.

Future Events – A visit to the National Memorial Arboretum was being planned for 15 May and husbands, partners, guests could also join WI members. There was a sign up board for this.   It was also proposed to have another picnic on Bredon Hill on 2 July, where the bus would be available for those members unable to walk up the hill. Margot requested a show of hands for those interested and sixteen members would like to be involved. The next coffee morning would be held on Thursday 3 April, all welcome. There were still slips available for the Denman Dip which would be drawn at the Annual Council Meeting, anyone wishing to take part to please see Elaine Cantle. A volunteer was sought to sell this year’s NFWI Raffle tickets and Jeanette Aldred once again volunteered. Thanks to Jeanette. Margot explained Joan had requested she draw members attention to the NFWI request to register for the Refuge on line petition in respect of domestic violence, a very worthy cause. Bredon WI would be carrying out its annual litter pick once again during the period 8-11 April. Margot had put out a board of the various areas to be covered and asked members to sign up.  Draw for Bredon WI’s Denman Bursary – the draw was carried out and the winner was Isobel Masters, with reserves being Sheila Pugh and Gill Smith.                                                                                                                                                                Federation Denman Weekend – Four Bredon committee members attended this weekend, two taking the Discovering Astronomy course and two the Speedy Cook course. Elaine Lane then gave a brief outline of the Astronomy Course and Margot the Speedy Cook course.

Correspondence was available to read and in particular tickets still being available for the Annual Council Meeting anyone interested should contact WI House.   Denman were running another Downton Abbey literary lunch and also a Day on Hearing.             Newsletter – Margot then outlined various items from the Newsletter. There was a board for the June mid week walk and the GFWI May walk. There was also a board for the Painting Day in Gloucester Docks. Members were asked to note a request for both plants and helpers for the WI stands at the 3 Counties Show 13-15 June. Again contact WI House if you were interested in either. One or two members were already signed up and Elaine Cantle would organise getting any plants to WI House.

Margot then introduced the speaker Mr Richard Box who gave a talk entitled “Taking a Line for a Walk”.  Mr Box gave a most interesting and informative talk and was thanked by Margot who had in the past attended one of his Denman courses.  The raffle was drawn and refreshments were served. Next month’s speaker would be Gail Plant talking on Planting a Scented Garden.  The competition was won by Marilyn Brierley.


Joan welcomed 45 members and 4 visitors and Jerusalem was sung.  The membership also welcomed new member this evening Anne Lock.  The room had been laid out differently order to make better use of the amplification system.  Members with  hearing difficulties might like to move around the room seeking the best position for them to sit.  There were apologies from 6 members and the Minutes of the last meeting were available to read before signing. 

Group Spring Meeting  was to be held at Twyning on 28 April and 16 Bredon members were attending.  The Limerick entry for the competition would be to Twyning.  The National Memorial Arboretum visit has been postponed with the intention of running it later in the year.  Although GFWI were also planning an Arboretum visit Bredon would still go ahead with their visit.  Litterpick – It had been decided to cancel this at this time as the Council had been doing a marvellous job recently and there really was very little litter around the village.  The next Coffee morning  would be held on 5 June at 10.30 and all were welcome.  The last coffee morning had not been well attended and changing the day was currently being investigated, although all this year’s dates were already booked.  The report of the GFWI Annual Council Meeting was read and Elaine advised that she had a copy of the full minutes of the meeting and also the 2013 Financial Report if any member required to see these.  The Tewkesbury Food Bank it was reported did not need tinned or dried foods but rather non food items such as toiletries, nappies etc.  For the next couple of months Chris would bring a box to meetings where members might make donations of non food items if they so wished.  Joan explained that  ACWW were frantically trying to reach the target  to complete the present project. She had recently spoken to ACWW and they were pleased to received donations of unwanted costume jewellery, odd earings etc or indeed gold or silver.  She had a number of prepaid bags to post off the jewellery donations.  Joan would put the box out for approx three months and asked members to please look out any unwanted jewellery items.  Foreign coins could not be accepted.  Chris Frame and other Bredon members were planning a gentle walk  to commence at 2.00 pm on 29 April at the Bredon Village Hall as part of the ACWW Walking the World Day.  Any members wishing to join the walk please speak to Chris, and it was suggested members not walking might like to make a donation.  In house Training – Several members had shown an interest in holding a Craft In House Training Course at Bredon, either at Bredon Village Hall or Bredon’s Norton Village Hall.  The committee were currently in dialogue with County.  The committee hope to get back to you with more information soon.  A Suggestion Box had been left out  and Joan drew members attention to it and urged members to use it to submit new ideas.

Newsletter – Joan drew members attention to the following items in this month’s Newsletter: GFWI South Coast Tour/GFWI June walk hosted by Bredon on Saturday 21 June at 10.30 followed by a ploughman’s lunch and pudding, cost £7.  Croquet afternoons at Cheltenham as well as Bredon organising one at Beckford, date yet to be decided.  Joan also drew attention to four items of interest from WI Life:  The Resolution Organ Donation, The Centenary Rose – Bredon would purchase two to plant at the Village Hall Garden,  the Parish Council had given their consent.  Hobbycraft knitting wool vouchers.  The GFWI article on Clay Pigeon Shooting where Bredon members were quoted.  Joan read out a letter received by Olive Ducker from the Village of Hope and Grace thanking the Knitting Group for their donations of blankets and hats for orphans in Tanzania.

The speaker, Gail Plant was introduced and she gave an interesting and informative talk on Planting a Scented Garden.  Gail had brought along many samples of scented herbs and plants which were passed around.  Mary Daniels gave the Vote of Thanks.  The raffle was drawn and refreshments served.

 Next month Eunice would discuss this year’s Resolution and Helen Newborough will show us how to make a hanging basket.  There will also be a display of the Knitting Group’s work.


37 members and one visitor were welcomed.  Biddy was thanked for the flower arrangement of highly scented lilac and we sang Jerusalem.  There were Apologies from 4 members including Olive Ducker, who sadly was not very well.

Joan read out a letter she had received from Dorothy Lester who explained the time had now come for her to resign her membership.  She recalled the many happy memories she would always have of the Bredon WI and thanked fellow members for their companionship and many kindnesses over the years.

Group Spring Meeting – Sixteen Bredon members had attended a most entertaining evening listening to Angela Baker, who proved to be a most amusing as well as an informative speaker who had enjoyed some incredible experiences following on from the Calendar Girls calendar.  Seven members had enjoyed a gentle walk to Kemerton on a lovely afternoon, with other members joining and leaving at various points.  The ACWW box would be passed around as several members who had been unable to walk had expressed a wish to make a donation. Chris was thanked for organising the event.   There are a number of pictures on the website.  Joan reported she had sent off 5 bags of jewellery and the pink box for more jewellery donations was on the table. Sixteen members had enjoyed a morning of Croquet at Beckford!  Thankfully the weather remained fine and the”golf”’ croquet tuition was given by the two gentlemen members and they showed great patience and fortitude!  Thank you  Margot for organising the event.  As sixteen was the maximum number possible Joan asked if there were any other members who might like to play and five members declared an interest.  Margot would look into arranging another visit to Beckford.  Unfortunately it had become necessary to cancel the forthcoming Picnic on Bredon Hill due to the numbers of requests the Overbury Estate had received.  As Bredon WI had enjoyed this privilege last year we now need to wait to apply again until next year.  A visit to the Emma Bridgwater pottery was suggested as a possible alternative.   As Bredon was hosting the June GFWI County Walk, members were urged to sign up for the 2, 4 and 6 mile walks to help support it.  There is also a great need to help with catering for the Ploughman’s lunch afterwards.  Eunice had attended the Campaign and Debate Day on our behalf, at which the 2014 Resolution “Increasing Organ Donation”  was also going to be discussed.   Eunice gave an informative report on the event and a general discussion ensued where members asked various questions.  A vote was then taken – 30 members for and 2 against was recorded.  Eunice was thanked for attending and for her report.  Elaine reported that the only piece of correspondence of note received this month was an amendment to the published dates for the Scrapbooking Workshop and the New Speakers morning.  All current correspondence was on the table.

Newsletter – Joan outlined the following items from the Newsletter.  Christmas Concerts with Aled Jones cost £15 closing date 30 June – board out.  Scrapbooking Demonstration at WI House – if any member would like to attend and be prepared to keep a scrapbook for one year Bredon would fund their attendance.  GFWI walk in July at France Lynch – board out.  Arts and Craft Study Day at Chipping Camden £25 – anyone interested please see Elaine.  GFWI choir – anyone interested please see Viv to arrange an audition.

 Presidents Reminders:  Joan drew members attention to the fabulous display of items knitted by the Knit and Natter group, these items representing only one third of the current batch.  It was very evident that the Bredon group were extremely productive.  In all 25 Vests, 27 Hats and 37 blankets were destined for the Light and Hope Orphanage in Tanzania and in the next six months the group would be knitting for the Christmas Shoe Box appeal.  Well done knitters and natterers!!!  The Foodbank Box was out and Joan advised that they were particularly short of long life milk and orange juice for next month.  Joan reported that the Suggestion Box had yielded one suggestion to rename the Coffee Morning to “The  WI Coffee Club”.  Whilst this was a good idea in principle, she did feel that it made the event sound exclusive and the object had been for the morning to be open to all.  Joan asked if members were interested in another archery event and six members expressed an interest – Margot would make enquiries. 

We did not have a formal speaker this evening but Joan introduced a new Bredon member Helen Newborough,  who gave a most interesting and informative talk and demonstration on ‘Planting a Hanging Basket’ and whilst planting the basket gave members the benefit of her many years in the nursery business with useful tips.  Joan who had agreed to purchase the basket then gave a vote of thanks and promised members she would keep them posted on the basket’s progress throughout the summer.

Next month’s meeting would be a social evening with quiz/games and a talk by Sylvia Harrington on her recent Denman Course ‘Knives’.


Joan welcomed 35 members and one visitor and thanked Jane Bailey (in absentia) for the flowers which would be added to the raffle and Jerusalem was sung.  Members then held one minute’s silence in memory of Olive Ducker.

A new members pack was presented to Anne Locke.   Apologies were received from ten members.  The Minutes of the last meeting were available for members to read   

Matters arising from the Minutes.  Bredon GFWI County Walk 21 June – a request was made for volunteers to make crumbles and for help on the day with catering.  In House Training at Bredon – Joan advised that some members had requested in house training at Bredon.  This would probably be held at Bredon’s Norton Village Hall and a board was out giving details of a selection of subjects and those members interested were asked to indicate their preference in order to establish viability.   

Future Events.  Visit to BBC Bristol Studios – following an article in the Gloucestershire Newsletter a member had asked if a visit to the studios in Bristol was possible.  Details had been obtained and on a show of hands 12 members would be interested.  The Secretary would obtain more information and costings for the next meeting.  Visit to the National Memorial Arboretum – Joan advised a date of Thursday 25 September had been identified for this visit.  It was intended to organise a coach and husbands/friends etc. could also attend.  Visit to Emma Bridgwater Pottery in Stoke – Joan gave details of this proposed visit, suggesting an October date would be most likely – more specific details to follow.  

Report of the NFWI AGM in Leeds – Joan had attended the AGM in Leeds as the Link Delegate and had a most enjoyable time.  A report had been produced for the record and a copy sent to the other WI’s in the link.  The result of the resolution vote on organ donation was 5981 for and 133 against.

 Tewkesbury Group Meeting Report – The Group Spring Meeting with speaker Angela Baker had been a great success and had realised a profit.  There was to be a race evening entitled ‘Fillies and Frillies’ at the Bredon Cricket Club on Tuesday 26 August 6.30-8.30 at a cost of £2.  Newtown would host the 2014 carol service at Tewkesbury Methodist Church on Friday 5th December at 2.30.  Kemerton would host the 2015 Spring Meeting and hoped to have a Punch and Judy Show – more details to follow.

Newsletter.  Joan highlighted various items from the current newsletter, namely: Croquet in Cheltenham, Christmas Concert, GFWI walk hosted by Woodmancote,  Autumn County Meeting this is to be held at the Gloucester Rugby Club on 30 September), Tea and textiles, the County visits to the National Memorial Arboretum and Archery, but Bredon hoped to organise its own archery event.

 Presidents Reminders.  Volunteers for refreshments in July and August were sought.  There was a board out for 2015 diaries and calendars.  Foodbank box next month will be the last month.   Members interested in being in the WI Bell Boat Team at the Bredon races in September to see Margot – husbands, sons, etc could also be in the team.  Kemerton WI had arranged a visit to Aunt Martha’s Tea Rooms on 20 June and had seats available.  Probus Club were planning a visit to Highnam Court Gardens on 19 August and had places available.  A suggestion was put in the suggestion box last month for a visit to London.  It was hoped to organise a trip to Cardiff to see The Lion King in November.

 Next month – Paul Evans would be the speaker entertaining us with ‘Humorous Poems, Readings and Monologues’.


 Joan welcomed 42 members and thanked Janet Langford for the basket of flowers which would be added to the raffle at the end of the meeting.  Jerusalem was sung.  There were apologies from nine members.  Minutes of the last meeting were on the notice board for members to read.

 Matters Arising – GFWI County Walk hosted by Bredon – Joan reported that the walk had been a very successful event with many compliments on the walks,the food served afterwards and its presentation.  There had been 64 walkers and  it was a very warm, sunny.  Joan went on to say that there had been a relatively small number of volunteers who had helped and this had meant that those who did help had struggled.  It may not be possible to host similar future events unless more members were prepared to help.  Joan thanked all those who did help, walk leaders and back markers, pudding makers and those who helped with set up, serving and clearing up on the day.

In house Training at Bredon – Members had made their selection of course subjects available and the most popular one had proved to be making Silver Jewellery.  The course would last four hours and held at Bredon Norton’s village hall.  A maximum of 8 students could be accommodated at a cost of approx. £10 each plus materials which would be paid to the tutor on the day – £6 for a silver ring and £15 for a silver bracelet.  Elaine would speak to the eight people concerned to arrange a date.

 Future Events

Visit to BBC Bristol Studios – It was proposed to make this visit in the Autumn, the cost of the studio tour was £7.75 and the coach £15.  Those members interested were asked to sign up.  Emma Bridgwater Factory Tour – this visit would be made on Wednesday 22 October, the coach cost would be £13 per person and the entry charge for the factory tour £2.50.  Please sign up if you wish to go.   National Memorial Arboretum – this event was open to non members, friends and family and the cost of the coach would be £7.50 per person.  There was no charge for entry to the Arboretum but donations were suggested.  The date was Thursday 25 September.   Archery at Cowley – A board was out for another visit on Thursday 11 September at a cost of £2.50 per head, for a maximum of 12 people.   Fillies and Frillies – Members were reminded that this Race evening event for the Tewkesbury Group is taking place at Bredon Cricket Club on Tuesday 26 August 6.30-8.30 at a cost of £2.00.  Please sign up if you wish to attend.

Christmas Party – Dare we say this in July?  Yes, we must!  The Committee have suggested that we cater for ourselves.  A two course meal of turkey crown and ham with winter salads and jacket potatoes, followed by a dessert, coffee and mince pies was proposed, at a cost of £13.50 per head.   A vegetarian option would be available if required.  This would necessitate the forming of a catering sub committee and volunteers would be sought from the membership.  A show of hands indicated 26 members were interested.

 Correspondence – Members attention was drawn to:  GFWI request for entries for The Village Show at Malvern Autumn Show.  The Butterfly Conservation people requesting coffee mornings to be held.  A thank you letter from GFWI for hosting the June county walk.  NFWI June mailing and an invitation from the Herefordshire Federation for a visit to Hope Gardens on 7 September to include afternoon tea at a cost of £7.50 open to non members.

 Newsletter – Joan drew the following items to members attention:  GFWI walk at Sheepscombe, Autumn County Meeting at Gloucester, Day in London Museums, Coming up Smelling of Roses, Bowls at Alveston on 22 August, GCHQ talk on Signals and a mid week walk at Cerney Wick.

 President’s Notices – thank you to members who both helped out on the day and baked for Playing Fields Family Day.  The NFWI raffle tickets are on sale and only a small number left.  Proposed trip to London to see the Lion King early next year.   NFWI had made arrangements for the Centenary 2015 Annual Meeting to be relayed by satellite to the cineworld cinema in Cheltenham and the committee felt this was the best option for Bredon members. Next lunch at Dumbleton Hall to be held on Wednesday 3 September 12.30 for 1pm and it will cost £9.95 for two courses.  Those interested should speak to Wendy Roberts.  Sylvia Harrington was holding her annual Strawberry Tea for Macmillan Nurses on Monday 21 July at 3pm at 2 Cherry Orchard.  If anyone wished to purchase any of the centenary items as advertised and did not have access to a computer Chris Frame had offered to order items on their behalf.  Please see Chris.  A letter had been received from the Trussell Trust who operate the Tewkesbury Food bank, thanking Bredon WI for their help and support.  The letter went on to say that Tewkesbury handled 60 requests a month and 50% of these were children under 16.  Half of those applying for help were in employment but still experiencing difficulty putting food on the table.

The guest speaker Paul Evans was introduced and he proceeded to entertain us with Humorous Poems, Readings and Monologues.  The vote of thanks was given by Wendy Roberts.  The raffle was drawn, refreshments served and the competition was won by Maggie Hall.  There would be a change to the published programme for next month and the speaker would now be Lorraine Parsloe whose talk was entitled ‘Only Fools & Corsets’. 


Joan welcomed 37 members and a visitor, Ellie Litchfield and thanked Eileen Jones for the flowers which would be added to the raffle. Eileen was not present at the meeting as she was currently unwell.  Jerusalem was sung.  There were apologies from seven members.  The Minutes of the last meeting were available to be read before being signed at the end of the evening if there were no amendments.

 Future Events

A visit to BBC Bristol Studios had been arranged for Tuesday 7 October.  Unfortunately the visit to the Emma Bridgwater Pottery in Stoke was in danger of being cancelled as only 13 members had signed up.  We do a further 6 or 7 names for the trip to be viable. Members who were interested but had not signed up were asked to please see Joan at the end of the meeting, otherwise the visit will be cancelled.  This visit is open to husbands/partners/friends etc. Only one place was left for the visit to the National Memorial Arboretum.   Archery – 11 September – Four names were signed up for this activity but 12 were needed. The sign up board was out and this would be the last opportunity.  Fillies and Frillies 26 August Bredon Cricket Club – This was the Tewkesbury Group summer event and would take place between 6.30-8.30 at a cost of £2. There would be six races and the sign up board was out.  Christmas Party – Joan explained that as only 26 members had voted when this subject had been discussed at the last meeting, the Committee had decided to ballot the whole membership to determine where it would be held.  A final decision would be made in September based on the outcome of the ballot.  Bell Boat Races 6 Sept – Margot advised four members had volunteered for the WI team and a further four were required, although to enter two teams would be even better. Funny hats would be worn and the team was open to husbands/daughters/sons etc.  Great fun had been had last year and members were urged to sign up.

Presidents Reminders – Sylvia Harrington to had written to thank all those members who supported her recent Strawberry Tea for Breast Cancer, where a total of £193 had been raised.  Lunch at Dumbleton Hall – 20 people including some husbands were scheduled to attend the next lunch on 3 September 12.30 for 1.00pm.  Joan reminded members this evening was the last opportunity to purchase NFWI raffle tickets. Please see Jeanette.  Previously loved jewellery – Joan had sent off 10 envelopes of jewellery to ACWW and thanked contributors.  

The speaker, Marion Canning  was then introduced and she proceeded to entertain us with a lively recollection on her Experiences as a Lady Toastmaster. Marion was resplendent in her Scarlet and Black official uniform.  Marion Ralls gave the vote of thanks.  The speaker in September will not be as advertised in the Programme but will be Lorraine Parsloe and her talk is entitled ‘Only Fools and Corsets’.

 The raffle was drawn and refreshments served and the meeting was closed.


Joan welcomed 40 members and thanked Helen Newborough for the lovely flowers which would be added to the raffle. Jerusalem was sung.  There were Apologies from ten members.  The minutes of the last meeting were on the notice board and would be signed at the end of the evening if there were no amendments.  Matters arising from the Minutes – Christmas Meal – ballot slips had been circulated offering members a choice of arrangements for the Christmas meal and the result was for it to be held in the village hall with the supper being organised by a catering committee.  Help would be sought from the membership and it was proposed to hire help on the evening to set up, serve and wash up and clear away.  The menu would be turkey crown, ham, winter salads and a jacket potato with a dessert, coffee and mince pies at a cost of £13.50 per head to include a glass of wine or a soft drink.  Archery – This event had been great fun on a beautiful day at Cowley.  Joan thanked Margot for organising the event and it was proposed to have another similar event in the future if members were interested.  The Dumbleton Hall Lunch had been another successful outing.  Wendy was thanked for organising it.  The Fillies and Frillies Evening had been a good evening and £81 had been raised for group funds. At the next group meeting to be held on 2 October the possibility of awarding one or two bursaries would be discussed.  The group committee would also hear the latest position on next year’s baton exchange to celebrate the WI centenary.  In house silver jewellery course 7 November – this course was now full and payment was required this evening please. The course would be held at Bredon Village Hall and the tutor had been booked.  Elaine would contact those attending with further information nearer the time.

Future Events – Visit to BBC Bristol Studios 7 October – This event had one place left, anyone interested to speak with Elaine Cantle. The coach would depart Bredon Village Hall at 8.00 am on 7 October (please arrive by 7.50).  Having completed the studio tour it was proposed to then visit Highfields Garden Centre at Whitminster near Gloucester on the way back, returning to the village hall at approx 4.00 pm.  Unfortunately the Visit to Emma Bridgwater Pottery at Stoke has had to be cancelled due to lack of support.  Only 14 members having signed up and 22 were needed.  It was however planned to organise this event again next year.   The Visit to National Memorial Arboretum on 25 September had two or three places left if anyone would like to attend and any outstanding monies were due now please. The coach would leave the village hall at 8.45 am on the 25thBredon WI visit to Blenheim Palace had been arranged by the committee and would take place on Thursday 20 November.  The cost for coach and entry would be £18 and this would include  Christmas Fayre that was taking place at that time.  There is a sign up board for this event and husbands,  partners and friends are welcome.

 Correspondence – items of interest were pinned on the notice board and these included the latest NFWI mailing detailing details of the centenary screening, a NFWI Challenge, various information on the Organ Donation compaign and a Titan Travel leaflet. There were details of two up and coming events at Denman, a Saga Day which was free – please let Elaine know if you wished to attend and a sale of threads, fabrics and items of sewing to take place over a weekend in November.  GFWI had advised that their proposed visit to the Guide Dog Breeding Centre had been postponed until Wednesday 11 February 2015 as the Centre had advised there would be no puppies available for the selected date of the visit.

Newsletter – Joan drew members attention to the following items in the Newsletter: GFWI walk at Tutshill, a Scottish holiday.  The item on the county walk hosted by Lydney a WI of only 18 members who managed to raise £300 from their event.  The Discovery Day on Saturday 8 November – anyone wishing to attend needed to sign up and pay this evening £15 per class.  Friday 21 November at The Guildhall Gloucester The Resolution Shortlist debate.  Ticket and mileage would be paid for but they would be expected to report back, please see Joan this evening.

Presidents Reminders – 2014 Project Researching Names on the WW1 Memorial Plaque – Joan reported most of the work on this project was now complete and was currently being formatted into a book. Members would remember this project had been suggested by Sally Deakin at the January meeting.  There were four names about which nothing had been found and members were asked if they had any knowledge of these people, they were AB W James Cotton RNR HMS Edgar, Pte George D Prior Grenadier Guards, Sgt Ernest J Roberts RASC, Pte Joseph Martin RAVC.  Joan advised members it was her habit to contact members who were unwell and to send them a card. She had spoken to Sue Rowles recently who was in good spirits, making a good recovery and hoped to attend the Christmas Meal.  Members were pleased to see Eileen Jones this evening who had thanked us for her card.  Currently Sue Wood was unwell and Isobel Masters was unable to attend as her husband was quite unwell and was currently in Cheltenham Hospital.

Well done Rita and Sheila – who had recently taken part in the annual inter bowls competition between Avon and GFWI.  Their rink was in the lead throughout the match and Gloucestershire won. We are reliably informed Rita and Sheila played very well – well done ladies.  Boat Races – Another well done to members who made up the Bell Boat team in the recent village boat races, attired in posh hats (none of which were lost)!!!! Last year’s team had come 15th out of 16 teams but this year’s team were 12th out of 18 – keep on improving ladies.  The next WI coffee morning is Thursday 2 October serving real coffee and speciality teas and open to all.  Bredon were providing a tea on 13 October at Bredon’s Norton Village Hall and Margot had sign up sheets to make sandwiches (for which you would be reimbursed) and to help on the day – please see Margot.  Joan then introduced the speaker, Lorraine Parsloe who talked of her experiences as a TV extra ‘Only Fools and Corsets’.  Lorraine’s talk was entertaining and amusing and she was thanked by Viv Ebbage.  The speaker in October will be Iain Green speaking on ‘A Local Jungle Safari’.

The raffle was held and refreshments served. 


Forty-three members were welcomed to the meeting and Jerusalem was sung. Joan then explained that Wendy Roberts had recently had an accident, broken her shoulder and was not able to be present this evening.  She had asked Joan to convey her heartfelt thanks to members for all their cards and good wishes.  She felt very lucky to belong to such a kind and caring WI.  Apologies for absence were received from: 6 members.

The minutes of the September meeting were on the notice board and would be signed at the end of the meeting if there were no amendments.  Matters Arising from the Minutes –  Christmas Party – JN explained that a catering sub committee had been formed with four committee members and two or three more members were sought. JN went onto explain it was intended to have additional help on the evening with setting up, serving and clearing up.  A board would be out in November for volunteers to provide an entertainment.  Once again donations for the Tewkesbury Food Bank would be brought instead of secret Santa gifts.  Autumn County Meeting – JN and 7 members had attended the meeting at a new venue The Gloucester Rugby Club. It had been a good meeting with very good entertainment.   The Executive committee would be meeting to discuss the viability of whether or not to continue at the Rugby Club.  Visit to National Memorial Arboretum – This had been a well supported excellent visit. The ever changing scene at the Arboretum was much appreciated.  Over the next two weekends it was proposed to plant 15,000 English bluebells.  Thanks to Elaine Lane were recorded for organising the trip.  Visit to BBC Bristol Studios – Margot reported on the tour of BBC Bristol which had been excellent. It had been both interesting, informative and great fun.  The highlight being Bredon members ‘going live’ on a BBC Bristol radio programme discussing city venues for breaks in the UK.  The Bredon group had then recorded an episode of the Archers and a BBC Points West News programme.  It was felt that a further visit could be made next year.  Thanks to Elaine Cantle for organising the visit.  Open Day at NFWI HQ – Two members attended and had been very impressed by the HQ building and the friendliness and enthusiasm of the permanent staff there.  It had been a very well organised visit including transport, directions and where to eat.  Members were strongly recommended to take up the opportunity if it was again presented. History of Signals – Viv Ebbage reported on this talk attended by 6 Bredon members. It had been a little disappointing and not lived up to expectations, although those attending had managed to glean a few facts not previously known.

Future EventsVisit to Blenheim Palace – this trip was now full with a reserve list of 9.  Would those attending please pay Margot this evening.  Tewkesbury Group Meeting Report – The Tewkesbury Group had met in October please see full report at Appendix B. 

Nominations for 2015 Committee and President – JN sought nominations for the 2015 committee and also for the role of President.  Elaine Cantle had nomination forms and the closing date for nominations was 31st October 2014.  

Correspondence – EC drew members attention to correspondence pinned to the board and in particular an Email from GFWI concerning a BBC Flagship Cookery Programme.

 Newsletter – JN drew member’s attention to the following items from the current Newsletter: the GFWI walk in January at Southfield, board out for this.  The Derbyshire walking weekend, the item on Letter Writing on Page 3, the Green Man Pottery Workshop, giving Denman vouchers as Christmas presents and the GFWI Calendar Competition.

President’s Reminders – An invitation had been received from Newtown WI for two members of Bredon to attend their 50th anniversary celebrations.  JN asked anyone who was interested in this event  to see her at the end of the meeting.  If there were multiple volunteers a ballot would be held.  JN drew member’s attention to the Beckford WI Christmas Fayre being held on Saturday 15 November at the Beckford Village Hall.  She also mentioned the St Richards Hospice and Bredon Community Care Auction to be held on Friday 14 November at 6.45 pm at Beckford Village Hall.   Members were urged to enter the monthly competition and also to vote, last month had been very disappointing as no one had voted. Lastly everyone was reminded of the next coffee morning on 4 December when the Cobalt raffle would be drawn and a Defford therapist would be in attendance giving no obligation advice on the use of essential oils and therapies.  Viv Ebbage asked if the WI choristers who had been rehearsing for Cheltenham could please be available for Friday 5 December at 2.00 pm to sing at the Group Carol Service, and also at the Village Carol service to take place on Monday 22 December at 7.00 pm. Those involved please see Viv.

 JN introduced the guest speaker Mr Iain Green who gave a most interesting talk on ‘A Local Jungle Safari’ accompanied by excellent slides. Mr Green talked of the amazing amount of wildlife to be found in the City of London and in the local environment.  Mary Daniels gave the vote of thanks.  Next month would be the AGM and one of our members Maggie Hall would be speaking on her experiences at the ‘2012 Paralympics’.


Joan welcomed 41 members and four visitors to the AGM on 18 November and thanked Elaine Cantle for the Poinsettia Plant which would be added to the raffle.  Joan went on to welcome back Sue Rowles who, due to ill-health had not been to a meeting for a good many months.  It was lovely to see her in good health.  Jerusalem was sung.  There were apologies from 5 members.  The minutes of the October meeting were on the notice board and would be signed at the end of the meeting if there were no amendments.

Matters Arising from the Minutes: 

Christmas Dinner – Arrangements were in hand and a number of volunteers were sought to produce desserts and winter salads.  It had been agreed items with a Christmas theme would be brought to the December meeting for donations to the Tewkesbury Foodbank.  Only non perishable items please.   The Group Carol Service is to be held at the Tewkesbury Methodist Church at 2.30 on Friday 5 December at a cost of £2.50 and would be hosted by Newtown WI.  The next Coffee Morning will be held on Wednesday 3 December at 10.30 in the village hall.  The Cobalt ladies would be selling cards and their Christmas Raffle would be drawn.  A local therapist, Charlotte Lee, would also be attending to offer complimentary advice on therapies.  The date for this event had been changed in order not to clash with the Flower Guild Christmas Coffee morning at St Giles Church on Thursday 4 December.  The Visit to Blenheim Palace would depart the Village Hall at 8.45  on Thursday 20th and members were asked to be punctual.  It was anticipated the coach would leave Blenheim Palace at approx 4.00pm.  The Silver Jewellery Workshop,  held in Bredon Village Hall had been a great success and members who had attended were wearing the items made this evening.  The workshop had gone so well it was anticipated another session would be held next year.

 Correspondence:  Various items of correspondence were displayed on the notice board and Elaine particularly drew members attention to the Winter Sale at Denman, along with two new lunch events also at Denman.  Tickets were still available for the evening performance of the Christmas Concert and that the Gloucester Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre had invited WI members to join their ‘Reclaim the Night’ march in Cheltenham on 25 November.  A list of the 2015 Bredon WI coffee morning dates was also on the board.

 The meeting continued with the business related to the AGM.  The Appointment of Independent Examiner was agreed.  Next we had the Presentation of the Financial Statement.  A copy of the Financial Accounts was displayed on the notice board and Margot went through a summary of the accounts by item.  She reminded everyone of the Bredon WI website and suggested members look at it.  At the conclusion the accounts were adopted and thanks given to the treasurer for looking after the accounts so well.  The Annual Report was delivered by the Secretary and showed that once again Bredon WI had had a very active and busy year.  The report was adopted by the meeting.  This was followed by the Presidents Address in which Joan explained she had very much enjoyed being President and went on to thank various members for their contributions and all the membership for their support.  She gave details of proposed events for 2015, the presentation of the 2014 Project in January, the WI Centenary baton exchange in Bredon in March, the local viewing of the NFWI AGM in June (more details awaited) and the intention to hold a Bredon centenary event, open to the wider community.  The Committee Nominations were read out and adopted.  One member had resigned and there were two new members to the committee.  We then had the Nomination for President and as there was only one nomination the membership voted unanimously in favour of the proposal by a show of hands and Joan Needham was re-elected.

Newsletter – Joan drew members attention to the following items from the Newsletter:  new opening hours at WI House, Ladies Day at the Festival, observer tickets for the NFWI AGM and the Guide Dogs Breeding Centre visit for which a board was out.  We then had Presidents Reminders and members were reminded to use the Suggestion Box which was there for ideas for improvements to the meeting or proposals for visits and events.  Joan advised that Val Beard would be standing down from the committee this time and Joan thanked Val for all her contributions and in particular for the excellent way she had run the raffle for the past few years.  Viv Ebbage was seeking choir members to join the Tewkesbury Group Carol Service on 5 December and also the village carol service on 22 December.

Joan then introduced Maggie Hall who gave a most interesting and detailed account of her experiences as a Paralympics Gamesmaster.  Maggie was wearing the uniform she had been given for the games and also had brought along her ‘baton’ and letter from David Cameron.  Joan gave the vote of thanks.  The raffle was drawn and refreshments were served.  The competition was won by Viv.

There will not be a report for December as this is our annual dinner.

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