Reports and Speakers 2018


Our new president Viv, welcomed forty members to a new year of meetings and then everyone gave their all to sing Jerusalem!  Viv thanked Jeanette for the beautiful roses gracing the Presidents table and apologies were received from 8 members.  The Minutes of November AGM were available on the notice board awaiting signature of acceptance at the end of the Meeting.  Viv introduced all attending members of the new Committee to the Meeting.

Matters Arising.

  • Members ere thanked for their wool donations for the Knit and Natter Group.
  • The Resolution voting slips were filled in ready to send off to GFWI House.
  • Our attention as drawn to the “bring and buy” table at the rear of the room.
  • Proceeds were in aid of Denman and could members take away any unsold items.
  • The Group Carol Concert was enjoyed at Kemerton with the Kemerton Clangers on the hand bells.
  • Our Christmas lunch at the Bell, Eckington was enjoyed by 30 members and our singing entertained the rest of the diners.

Future Events.

  • There are 2 tickets spare to see Michael Portillo at Cheltenham Town Hall on 25th January if anyone is interested speak to Viv.
  • The Spring Group Meeting on 22nd May is going ahead well, tickets are to be £7 per person and is in the Chandler Room of the Village Hall. Refreshments still to be arranged.
  • A theatre trip to London to see “Matilda” on 4th July is being arranged. Deposits will be required.
  • The ACM is on 21st March in Cheltenham Town Hall with our speaker Adam Henson (we hope he brings the goat on the cover of the Gloucestershire News).


  • Lots of reductions for courses at Denman for February and March – see Angela. Denman are also organizing a tour on European Patchwork and Textile, Alsace, France.
  • A list of GFWI Homes, Crafts and Gardens Workshops for 2018 is on the board for perusal.
  • Bredon Football Club is happy for us to use their skittle alley during the day. More info to come.
  • Eckington WI has invited us to a talk by Deborah Overton about Bredon Hill – rural life in medieval times in March.


  • GFWI walk in Dymock
  • The County Skittles Tournament for 2018
  • The lovely blanket made by the craft group in Woodmancote WI.

Any Other Business

  • Our pink programme cards are on the boards table to give to friends etc. to encourage new members.
  • It was with sadness that Viv reported that a former member, Sue Woods, died last week.

Our Speaker was Susan Johnson on “Writing for Women’s Magazines. Susan kept us all enthralled with her stories of how she began her career writing short stories and progressed to novels. There were ups and downs on the way but has now had novels published and still writes short stories for women’s magazines. Susan knew her subject so well that she did not require notes and even answered questions from the floor as she went along. The vote of thanks was ably given once more by Marion Ralls .

The meeting in February will be held on Tuesday 20th at 7.30pm.  



41 members were welcomed to the meeting and Jerusalem was sung. Viv thanked Beryl for providing the flowers and Elaine C for minuting the meeting in Angela’s absence.  Apologies for Absence were received from six members.  The minutes of the last meeting were on the notice board and would be signed by the President at the end of the meeting if there were no amendments.

Matters Arising

  • Eckington WI had invited Bredon members to join them for a talk by Deborah Overton on Wednesday 7 March at 7.30 at a cost of £4, so far seven Bredon members had indicated an interest. Deborah would be repeating the same talk at Beckford on 9 April at a cost of £3 and Viv could give a lift to anyone wishing to attend Beckford.
  • A theatre trip to London had been organised for Wednesday 4 July to see the show ‘Matilda’ and it was anticipated the cost, to include transport to and from Bredon, would be £46. It would be helpful if members could sign up and pay up this evening.
  • A letter of thanks had been received from last month’s speaker Sue Johnson saying what a lovely evening she had had and what a great WI Bredon was.

Future Events

  • A taster skittles session had been arranged at the new Bredon Football Club skittle alley for 6 March 2.00pm to 4.00pm at a cost of £1 to include tea and biscuits.
  • A delegate was sought to represent Bredon at the forthcoming Annual Council Meeting at Cheltenham Town Hall on 21 March (free ticket plus travel expenses)and to report back at the April Meeting.  Nine Bredon members would be attending and transport had been arranged via the Racecourse Park and Ride.
  • The Group Spring Meeting, hosted by Bredon in the Chandler Room, would be held on 22 May. Refreshments would be provided and the speaker would be Karen van Hoff.   Viv asked for suggestions for a competition with a subject of ‘Jewellery’.
  • The next Village Market would be held on 10 March from 10.30-12 noon and all members were asked to support the event. There was to be a new stall at the March market which was to be a surprise.  As always volunteers were sought to help with set up, break down and refreshments.
  • A Wardrobe Workshop – will be held on Tuesday 8 May in the village hall at a cost of £10. The first session would involve the tutor demonstrating interesting ways with scarves (members were encouraged to bring along some of their own) and the second session after a refreshment break would be how to make the most of your wardrobe.


  • We were pleased to see that Yo Yates had won £200 on Page 3.
  • Celia Hargrave had been awarded the BEM – members remembered Celia and the baton run around Gloucestershire in celebrating the centenary.
  • On Page 4 details of the New Speakers Event, Chris was attending and anyone who wished to attend should contact her.
  • On Page 5 an invitation to join the GFWI 200 Club and details of a training session on how to use the WI corporate branding strategy to encourage new members.
  • Page 6 reminded us of WI Sports Week when it was hoped to do something different each day, walk/swim/croquet. GFWI were hoping to put together a programme of events.
  • Page 3 gave details of a Introduction to Glass Engraving Workshop at a cost of £33
    to include all materials.
  • The April mid week walk at Staunton was advertised.


  • Application forms for Newsletter events were with Viv, including forms for committee workshops.
  • Viv read items of press coverage regarding member complaints concerning increased subscription costs, and also the defence reply from NFWI.
  • Bredon Hancock’s School were celebrating their Tercentenary at a Big Day Out in Bredon event on 23 June and Bredon WI had been asked to provide the Tea Tent. The committee will be asking for helpers on the day and cakes. The profits will be split 50/50 with the playing field group.
  • Sue Woods funeral had been held at Gloucester Crematorium and Sue’s daughter had written a letter of thanks for the WI presence. Sue’s family would be doing a sponsored walk in her memory for Parkinson’s and a just-giving address was available for anyone who would like to sponsor.
  • A letter of thanks had been received from Joan Needham for the flowers and card she had received at the end of her Presidency in November, and also for the visitors, ironing, meals, cakes and help since her accident!

Denman Bursaries
The annual draw was made for 2 x £200 bursaries for courses at Denman College with a further 3 names selected as reserves.   The lucky recipients ere reminded that the selected course must be booked this year.

Any Other Business
Viv advised members that Netta Ednie had passed away ten days before and that Colleen, like Joan, had sustained a fall.  Eileen Jones has now taken up residence at Hastings Care Home in Barnard’s Green, Malvern and would be delighted to see members. Viv had received a request from a lady in Eckington who has a flower allotment for weekly voluntary gardening help – no takers!!!!

Viv then introduced Angela Hugman, physiotherapist who gave a most informative talk on ‘The Prevention of Falls’.  Angela also had the members carrying out simple exercises during the course of her talk. Mary Daniels gave the vote of thanks.

The meeting in March will be held on Tuesday 20th at 7.30pm.



Viv welcomed 34 members and 2 visitors plus the ne president  from Kemerton.  Jerusalem was sung and Pauline Southall-Brown as thanked for the flowers.  The minutes of the last meeting were on the notice board and would be signed by the President at the end of the meeting if there were no amendments.

Matters Arising.

  • The skittles afternoon at Bredon Football Club was good fun and future events would be booked.
  • The Group Spring Meeting on Tuesday 22nd May will be hosted by Bredon and held in the Village Hall.  Please sign up on the board to attend. A finger food buffet and gluten free food is to be featured. One entry is needed for the competition from each of the 6 WI’s – “an up-cycled hat”.
  • The ACM in Cheltenham Town Hall was held the next day.
  • Deborah Overton’s talk at Eckington was so good that we are hoping to book her on a different subject for 2019.
  • Mary Daniels is to be the Group Representative for the Scrabble competition.
  • Attendance at the Village Market has improved with the weather and all are urged to come along.


  • Volunteer is needed to sell the annual NFWI raffle tickets.
  • Leaflets for Open Gardens at Ashton under Hill and the Hall at Abbey Cwm Hir were displayed on the notice board.
  • The paperwork on Equality and Diversity are at the moment circulating among the Committee but it was felt that someone on the Committee should greet new members so Carol Cowley volunteered.
  • There are two walks organized for June, one on 14th June by Greet WI and 16th June by Chase WI.
  • There is a free Denman day with Everest on 9th April on “spring cleaning and revitalizing our homes”.  There are lots of reduced courses being offered by Denman at short notice and the best way to find more information is from the website or see Angela.
  • There is a talk planned for 30th April about Local NHS Transformation and WI members at Brockworth at 7 30.


  • P3.  After the Michael Portillo talk in Cheltenham, GFWI sent in excess of £8k to Denman.
  • Ps 4 & 5.  Walks
  • P4.  Pennies for friendship.
  • P5.  Mokume gane workshop
  • P6.  Understanding paganism

Future Events.

  • There are 13 spaces left for the trip to London to see Matilda is on 4th July.
  • GFWI Centenary Exhibition is in October 2019 in Gloucester Cathedral. We hope to set up a table display of “My WI Your WI” over the years. Any ideas would be welcome and a sub committee may be set up.
  • Sports week is Sept. 16 – 22 and we can partake of a different sport every day (Sunday swimming, walking netball etc).
  • A Wardrobe workshop in the Village Hall has been arranged for Tuesday 8 May 2pm – 4pm.  Members are urged to sign up now at £10 a head to improve their image and learn different ways to tie a scarf .
  • Wire and Beads workshop arranged for 5th June, 2pm – 4pm.  Numbers are restricted to 16.
  • Croquet match against Toddington WI has been arranged for 28th June with an opportunity to practice beforehand on 24th May at Beckford.

Any Other Business

  • Kemerton are having an open Meeting on 11th April with Roger Turner on the Chelsea Flower Show. Tickets are £3 for non members of Kemerton.
  • Along with the “pennies” for friendship we collect for ACWW they are still collecting unwanted and broken jewellery .

The Speaker this month was Samantha Morris on “Cow Art” who gave a very interesting and amusing account of her life and how she came to paint cows. She brought along some paintings of cows in serious poses and very amusing poses and explained each one to us.  Sue Peters gave the vote of thanks and refreshments were served.

The date of the next Meeting is 17th April at 7.30pm



40 members and 1 visitor were welcomed and 8 members sent apologies. Jane was thanked for beautiful flowers.  The March Minutes were on the notice board.

Matters Arising.    The Group Spring Meeting on Tuesday 22nd May need volunteers to make a cake, wash up and provide gluten free food etc.  The competition is an “up-cycled hat” which can be as elaborate as you like. Volunteer needed to sell NFWI Raffle Tickets.  The Village Market is doing well but more support would be welcome, especially with help in the kitchen.

The report on the ACM 2018 in Cheltenham Town Hall on 21st March was read out to keep members in the loop if they didn’t attend it.

Future Events.

  • The list for “Matilda” in London is full with a waiting list.
  • Kemerton have some spaces for a trip to the Houses of Parliament on Monday 9th July.  The cost is £18, departing at 0715 and returning from London at 1630 and there will be tours with local MP’s.
  • A sub-committee is required to produce an inspiring Bredon WI table for the GFWI Centenary celebrations in October 2019.
  • The Wardrobe and Fashion seminar is on Tuesday 8th May in the Village Hall between 2 and 4 pm at a cost of £10.
  • The Croquet practice day is at Beckford on 24th May for members before the match against Toddington WI on 28th June.
  • The Wire and beads workshop is on 5th June between 2 and 4 pm and Sue Peters has the details – 16 members are needed to apply at £5 a head.
  • Friendly Skittles is at Bredon Football Club on Tuesday 24th April between 2 and 4 pm and tea and coffee will be available.


  • Bulb catalogues have been received for winter bulbs.
  • NFWI have engaged an organization to carry out an audit of the circulation of WI Life.  If any members receive an enquiry from ABC(Audit Bureau of Circulations) it is a bona fide company.  It could well be that our WI  will not be requested to help with the audit this year!
  • GFWI are to collate a “crafters register” to identify the crafting skills, gifts and talents of the members of our organization.  Lindsay Gow often receives requests from other organizations for help with their projects and it would be useful for her to know who to call for advice.  Please let her know if you would like to be included in this Register.
  • There is a national PROCESSIONS project to commemorate 100 years since giving women the vote that WI’s have been invited to engage with.  They are to be held in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.  More details are available from Angela.
  • Denman have been very busy with new courses for people who have never been to Denman before.  It’s called the New Wave Blitz Weekend from 31st August to 2nd September and there are 7 workshops to choose from.  Also the Christmas New Wave Weekend from 30th November to 2nd December has 3 workshops and includes materials or ingredients, 2 nights accommodation and demonstration on the Friday night.  Saturday night entertainment, drinks, breakfast, lunch and 3 course dinner are all included.   Creative Writing Courses are also on offer with Debrah Martin. Anyone interested in the Denman courses contact Angela for further details.


  • Attention drawn to the Resolution voting.
  • Christmas Concert Choir  need names for the application form.
  • The PeePower project also got a mention along with the visit to Cheltenham Synagogue (for which there is a board).
  • New Speakers Taster Event and the GFWI walk.

AOB.   Viv has been asked to publicise the Wednesday Luncheon Club which meets on the second Wednesday of each month. More people are needed to make it viable and members are urged to get in touch with Sally Brown or Carol Rothman.

Our Speaker this month was Mike and Pat Ledbury with “Confessions of a Morris Man”.  Not knowing what to expect we had a fun evening learning and dancing the steps of Morris Men and hearing of all that was needed to become fully fledged!



Welcome. 31 members attended and 15 sent apologies. Obviously lots of people on holiday!

Matters Arising.

  • The Village Market continues to be very enjoyable, but still not very well attended.  The next one is on Tuesday 9th June 10.30. Please can more people think about attending to support the market.  There were two new stalls to add to the already varied stalls.
  • The workshop on scarf tying and getting to grips with your wardrobe had been enjoyed by all.

Future Events.

  • Skittles in the Football Club, Thursday 17th May 2pm – 4pm. £3
  • The NFWI Raffle tickets will be on sale at the July meeting. Only £1 each and fabulous prizes!
  • Croquet practice on 24th May in Beckford, 2-4pm – £5.
  • Knit and Natter at Jane’s house on Thursday 24 May.
  • A Wire and Beads workshop will be held on 5th June in the Village Hall from 2pm until 4pm. £10.
  • If Lacock Abbey takes your fancy, GFWI has arranged a trip on Thursday 5th July.  Contact GFWI
  • There may still be spaces on Kemerton’s visit to Houses of Parliament 9th July.  £18.  Highrove trip with Kemerton 7th Sept. Interested?  Viv has info.
  • Batik workshop with Mary Day in WI House 18th July. £21.20 plus £5. Application form available from Viv or Angela
  • Trip to Matilda is full.
  • Sports week 16th -22nd September – swim a mile with a smile, walk around our playing fields, a walk up Bredon Hill, skittles and more.  Watch this space! 

Tewkesbury Group Spring Meeting  will be held on Tuesday 22 May at 7pm.  Lots of help needed, please.  Margot gave members some idea of what help was needed in setting up, helping in the kitchen, and tidying up at the end of the evening.  There will be a bursary to Bredon for £250, this will be opportunity for any Bredon member who attends to have the chance to win. Bredon WI will serve refreshments from a buffet.

We saw our entry for the competition an ‘upcycled hat’ and it looked marvellous.  Let’s hope we wi


  • Page 3 – Christmas Concert! A board is available. It’s never too early to book your seat! £16 to be paid at the June meeting.  Eight of our members are singing in the choir.
  • Archery taster £12, application form available from Angela
  • Page 4 – Global survey. Viv encouraged members to go online and complete the survey.  Margot had sent £25.00 off to ACWW as our donation.
  • GFWI walk at Bishops Cleeve see Angela for entry form.
  • Viv commented on the tapestries on Page 6 celebrating the RAF centenary.

NFWI Resolution 2018

Viv read out the Resolution  – Mental Health matters as much as physical health.  The NFWI urges all WI members to recognise the importance of parity between mental health and physical health, and take action to make it as acceptable to talk about mental health issues as much as physical health issues, and to lobby government for better support for mental illness.

She had prepared some slips of paper with eight relevant words to consider when debating the issue of mental health. 

Stigma, Statistics, Promises, Acceptability, Occurrence, Care Access, Awareness, Hidden Problems.

These were discussed in small groups then members were invited to vote on the Resolution.

For:        28                          Against:    Nil                     Abstentions:   4

The results have been sent to WI House for use by our link delegate from Kemerton.

Knit & Natter. The knit & natter group were praised for their sterling work, some of which was on display.  A quantity of Twiddle Muffs had gone to the Helping Hands Care Manager as they were so popular.  A request was made to keep the wool coming plus buttons and suitable bits for the Twiddle Muffs.  Chris was passing on the blankets and hats to the Churches Together team in Tewkesbury who sponsor a lorry out to Syria about every three months.  They are very grateful for our donations.

The rest of the evening was aimed at relaxation and a bit of fun!  Firstly Diana read us a poem about a snake called Petey ‘hissing in a pot’ which she read amazingly well and reduced us to giggles. Then an amusing poem about the SatNav. This was followed by two of Margot’s famous quizzes! Lots of hilarity!