Reports & Speakers 2019


41 members and 3 visitors were welcomed to the first meeting of the year.  Matters Arising.

  • Copies of the voting slips for the Resolution voting were handed out for members to fill in and hand back to the secretary.
  • Village Markets will resume on the second Saturday of the month starting on 9th February. Stalls cost £3 each and support is welcome.
  • The Christmas Lunch at the Bell in Eckington was very good. The Christmas donations of wool to our Knit and Natter Group were gratefully received.
  • The table for unwanted Christmas gifts went well with a varied selection and buyers and donations received will go to ACWW.

Future Events.

  • The proposed trip to see Joseph and his Dreamcoat in Cardiff on 15th May has been well received and members are signing up fast.
  • The first round of the County Quiz is on Wednesday 20th March at Toddington Village Hall.
  • The NFWI AGM in Bournemouth is on 5th June and members are invited to attend.
  • The Annual Council Meeting is on 27th March in Cheltenham Town Hall.


  • Denman 2019 Events, Rules for the Painting and Photography Competitions at the Centenary Exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral are available for info
  • Information on the Training day for WI Committee Officers in April also available.  Post of Secretary will be available next year.
  • The details of the GFWI Annual Council Meeting are available to view and members could sign up for an interesting day.
  • Denman wished us Happy Holidays and their Calendar is available for £17.50 incl p&p. They have also organised a free day on “Seeing the World more clearly” on 28th March which includes a free eye test, special offers, and a talk by an industry leading eye surgeon.


  • ACM on page 3
  • 2019 County Skittles Tournament.
  • Centenary competitions in painting and photography.
  • The GFWI Walk in Woolaston.
  • 2020 Gloucestershire calendar photos reflecting “Royal Gloucestershire”


  • The Flower Guild have organised a trip to the RHS Flower show at Chatsworth. The cost is £35 which includes transport Names to Jeanette.

The date of the next Meeting is 19th February.



42 members were welcomed this evening so there was a good rendition of “Jerusalem”. .
The January Minutes were available for members to read.

Sadly the Village Market was once again not well attended and members were invited to submit ideas to encourage attendance, – maybe a table top sale?  The next Market is on 9th March.   At the January meeting the table for “unwanted gifts” raised £29 for ACWW.  There are still tickets available for the musical “Joseph” in Cardiff.   The first round of the County Quiz will be held on 20th March and a “members” round was thought to be the best way to find a team at a date to be decided.   Members were encouraged to sign up for the ACM in Cheltenham Town Hall on Wednesday 27th March.  We eagerly await the result of our team in the delayed final of the 2018 County Skittles Tournament!  There is still a vacancy for the post of Secretary for 2020 and our current secretary is very happy for a replacement to shadow her this year.

Future Events.  The Spring Meeting for our group of WI’s is on Tuesday 9th April in Twyning Village Hall.  Duncan Coombes is the Speaker on Japanese Gardens in Spring.  We need a volunteer to make a floral table decoration for the competition.   The Group Race Meeting will be held on 26th June in Bredon Cricket Club; please do sign up, it is only £1 !  Refreshments will be strawberries and cream and Prosecco!  What is not to like!      It was good to see that lots of members signed up for the “In the ” on offer by the parish council.  It is free and lasts for five years.     In the Newsletter the Centenary Moments, Village Fair, Richard III, 200 club tickets, GFWI walk at Newent and Campaigns day were all highlighted.     Correspondence received highlighted a holiday in Berlin for £2,000, arranged by Denman.   “Amazing Discoveries” is the title for the Lady Denman Cup this year.   A story of a discovery or invention in the field of science – real or imagined in no more than 500 words and the deadline is 2nd August.    Events happening in March at Denman include a history of wood turning, fair-trade stories, herbal oil making, new Mediterranean diet, dead in the water, oast to host and make your own Terrarium.   Finally, Denman are also hosting afternoon tea for Mothers Day.

Under AOB a workshop for “posture and re-alignment” is being arranged at a cost of £20 plus the hire of the Hall which will last 2 hours and include exercises. A date has been fixed for Wednesday 3rd April from 2 pm to 4 pm in the Village Hall.   We remember Dorothy March who is coping with Chemotherapy and sadly one former member – Jean Huckvale who died recently.

Our Speaker Chris O’Grady who gave an illustrated talk entitled “Keep the Sea on your Left”.   Chris has entertained us in the past regaling us with his exploits and this evening he once again entertained everyone with his interesting offerings of how he managed his extensive walks by never staying in hotels on his extensive journeys.  He relies upon the good nature of people he meets along the way or pitches a tent!
The date of our next Meeting is Tuesday 19th March.



40 members were welcomed and after singing “Jerusalem”, everyone remained standing in silence to remember long-time member and friend of many, Dorothy March who had lost her battle with cancer.  Five members has tendered apologies.
The Minutes of the February Meeting were available for members to read.

Excellent news!  The team representing Bredon are County Skittles Champions of 2018! The road to success had been trodden by some 10 enthusiastic participants, and our thanks go to Captain – Rita Davies for her organisation and commitment.  Congratulations all round!  The Quiz team representing us will set out this month.  Good Luck to Carol, Isabel, Gloria and Sue. Good luck!   Sadly the “Posture and Re-alignment” seminar was cancelled because only three people signed up.  The “Richard the Third” talk is filling up but there have been a number of withdrawals from the “Joseph” list and this mean that there are a lot of seats to be filled.

Future Events.  There are two dates for workshops at “Nature in Art” at Twigworth; 18th July for Flower making and 26th Sept for silk painting.  They are both from 10am to 12 noon and both cost £10 each.   The Annual Council Meeting in Cheltenham Town Hall is being held on Wednesday 27th March.  Our President is our delegate and Rita will collect the Skittles Trophy.  Denman Dip tickets were available.  The Draw for Denman will take place in the Town Hall.  Tewkesbury Group Spring Meeting in Twyning Village Hall on Tuesday 9th April will have 12 members attending.  We still need someone to follow the flower theme of the evening by providing a small table decoration for the competition.   The NFWI AGM in Bournemouth is being held on Wednesday 5th June and we now have a delegate.  Everyone was encouraged put Wednesday 26th June in their diaries for the next Group fun evening – a Race Meeting in Bredon Cricket Club on Wed 26th June.  In the Newsletter the opportunity to win a Denman Bursary for those who have never made the journey was highlighted, application forms from Angela; those attending the Summer Fayre in Cirencester were made aware of parking and seating facilities (take your own);  a Denman exhibition is on tour of the country and can be seen in Malvern Shows.  Correspondence received highlighted a First Aid Training Course at Beckford on Sat 13th April 10-4 pm £34.50.  Cheltenham Music Festival are offering 100 reduced seats for Centenary WI members.  Finally, there was a  long list of upcoming Events at Denman.

Under AOB it was noted that a condolence card had been sent to the family of Dorothy March on behalf of Bredon WI.  Her funeral is being held on Wednesday 10th April in St Giles Church.   The annual Draw for two x £250 Denman Bursaries was held.  Maggie Hall, Jane Bailey, Chris Lester and Mary Daniels in that order were selected.  This month was “home spun” entertainment and 6 tables each had an unadorned straw hat to decorate!  After 40 minutes of chatter and enjoyment, six beautifully be-flowered, be-laced, be-buttoned be-netted creations were modelled and photographed and admired. A most pleasant way to fill the evening.
The date of the next Meeting is Tuesday 16th April 7.30 when we will be viewing the River Severn from the Air.



45 members were welcomed, ensuring a good sound as we sang Jerusalem!  There were apologies from a further 3 members.  The March Minutes were available for members to read.

Margot asked members if they noticed anything different at this Meeting apart from the fact that she was standing in for the President!  No? Well the Rose Bowl was there having been won by Bredon at the Group Spring Meeting for a small floral table decoration.  Thanks due to Jeanette Aldred.  The WI table cover now has “Bredon” embroidered on it courtesy of Patsy Hodgkinson and finally, Margot then admitted to supplying the flowers for the first time in her long membership of Bredon WI!
Now onto Matters Arising.  The Saturday Market still manages to make a small amount of money but the footfall could be much better.   The skittles team were congratulated once more and the Certificate was there for everyone to see. The Group Spring Meeting went very well and the refreshments were lovely. The pictures and talk on Japanese Gardens was excellent.  Our quiz team came a very creditable 2nd place in the first round of the quiz and are through to the final.  It was an excellent ACM in Cheltenham Town Hall and the delegates report was read out.

Future Events.  The “Joseph” trip is just about full (see Elaine).   The “Posture and Realignment” seminar will be held in Birlingham Village Hall.  Don’t forget the Group Race Meeting at Bredon Cricket Club on 26th June for a very small sum of £1. Refreshments are to be strawberries and cream with a glass of prosecco!  Bredons Big Day Out will take place on the playing fields on 22nd June.  The WI are running the tea tent again.  Anyone fancy a game of Bowls?  There will be a taster afternoon soon.  The
Correspondence from NFWI advised that the discounted tickets for Cheltenham Music Festival have now been withdrawn.  NFWI Wales are running a competition “2019 Not in my Name” (to end violence against women) and they are having a Calligraphy or Word Art Picture Competition.  The closing date is 13th September.  We also have a poster on Climate Change for all to see.  There was a very long list of competitions for both adults and children for anyone attending the Centenary Village Fair & Picnic in Cirencester. Denman are offering a saving of £20 on the west end show Emilia (English Poet).  The new Denman Brochure covering May 2019 to January 2020 has arrived and is available from our secretary unless you wish to look at it online!  In the Newsletter attention was drawn to the picture of our triumphant “skittlers”, a talk about Female Genital Mutilation will be held in Churchdown.  There are WI Walks, a Beaded scissors case workshop and a visit to Sudely Castle & Gardens.

Under AOB there is a “Neil Diamond” lookalike Concert in Malvern theatre on 27th June,  bookings are being taken.  Attention was drawn to the Reader Survey on pg. 39/40 of the current WI Life. It would be good to give some feedback and it can be done online.

Our Speaker this evening was Rich Kelsey on “The Severn from the Air” with a wonderful slideshow of aerial photos over the River Severn showing it at its best and in full flood.  The date of the next Meeting is on Tuesday 21st May.



We opened the evening with Jerusalem, 34 members were welcomed and 6 members tendered apologies.  The Minutes of the previous meeting were available for members to read.

Under Matters Arising it was once again noted that the Saturday Market showed no increase in attendance….should we continue? The next one is on 8th June.  The theatre trip to see Joseph’s amazingly coloured coat had been most enjoyable on a sunny day in Cardiff Bay. Thank you, Elaine, for organising so well.  Five members had attended the GFWI centenary weekend at Denman and had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were stories to tell, about Vienna, Mama Mia and the delights of gin!  The president had attended the county Campaign and Debate day, finding it very enlightening. Its contents would arise in later discussion of the Resolutions. The organisers were disappointed that only about 60 out of 140 Wls had attended!  Gloucestershire Farmers Club is a VERY pleasant venue.

Future Events.  There will be another fun session of skittles on 29th May, 7.15 in the Football Club.  Bredon Big Day Out on Saturday 22nd June on the playing fields is looming and we will be in the Tea Tent, and need lots of cakes and lots of helpers!  There is still time to sign up for the Silk painting workshop at “Nature in Art”, Longford, 18th July £10.  The Styrofoam flower workshop will be in October at the same venue.  The
Newsletter highlighted the Christmas Concert in Cheltenham Town Hall, afternoon and evening on Wednesday 4th December, with Prince Harry’s wedding soloist Elin Manahan Thomas as a star attraction.  There was a Ballot to enable four of our members to attend the service in  Gloucester Cathedral for our Centenary on 12th October. Also in the Cathedral organisers are looking for craft creations by members to display at the exhibition.  Exhibitors will need to deliver and collect their offerings on 9th and 14th October, though Jeanette and Pauline could probably assist, as they will be responsible for Bredon’s own display table.
May is traditionally the meeting at which prospective Resolutions are discussed and voted upon.  We duly discussed the decline of bus services, particularly in rural areas.  In particular the success of a dial-a-ride service available in Gloucestershire was highlighted.  Apart from being useful for shopping, medical appointments etc, it provided opportunities for conversation, stimulation, laughter and sharing which is so often missing from single occupant homes.  The second Resolution featured cervical cancer screening, in the form of “Don’t Fear the Smear”. There are many reasons why people ignore this simple test; historical abuse, fear of outcomes, modesty, cultural objections etc. Both these resolutions had been raised in past years, but support for them today was overwhelmingly unanimous; For 34, Against 0 with a vote that our Delegate  could take with her a discretionary vote.
The Speaker was Lynne Fox, who had lived in these parts for several years.  Lynne had been in the Royal Air Force, a yearning for travel, an insatiable desire to help the needy in this country and the world, and a motivating Christianity.  Her slide show reflected a most interesting “Journey through Life”.

New faces on the Committee were encouraged as the secretary would be standing down at the end of the year.  The job will be shared by Carol C (secretarial) and Chris (Denman concerns).  Perhaps two people would like to Meet and Greet the Speakers, write out their thank you cards and learn how to book Speakers for the year 2021?   Pauline will take over the refreshment duties.  Date of the next meeting is Tuesday 16th June 7.30.



The President was away; the secretary was unable to attend because she was taken ill and someone had stolen the wine glasses. What a start to the meeting!   All was not lost though as “Multi tasking Margot” welcomed members – all 27 of them!!  Why is it that if we say it’s going to be a “Social” evening, it appears to put members off and they don’t use it as an opportunity to get to know fellow members?  You missed out!  We did sing a muted “Jerusalem”.  The minutes of the April meeting were available for members to read and someone was actually seen doing so!!!
In matters arising, the Saturday market was slightly better attended but is still under review.  It was with great sadness that Margot reported that we had been knocked out of the 2019 skittles tournament!  However, we will continue to practice and hope to win next year. The Group rose bowl now has our name engraved on it and was presented to Jeanette for safe keeping.  The Bredon Fun Fest for St. Giles Church had been a great success and members were thanked for supporting the cake stall.
Jane B, recently returned from a Denman weekend, showed us her latest masterpiece. The GFWI Centenary picnic programmes for 6th July had arrived, it looks as if it will be a fun filled afternoon.  Might we see some of our members competing in the three legged race?  Margot reported on her visit to sunny Bournemouth for the NFWI Annual Meeting.  She urged members to take advantage of these opportunities when they arose and  a fear of “not knowing” anyone shouldn’t hold them back.  The whole event is an illustration of the saying ‘A stranger is a friend you have not yet met’!

Future events:  Everyone was once again reminded about the Group Race Evening Bredon Cricket Club in June.  The Bredon Big Day Out is being held on a Saturday and we need volunteers to man our refreshment stall.   Let us hope it’s a sunny day.
There was a list of events at Denman and the newsletter was whizzed through.  An appeal was made for more volunteers to join our committee.
Members were then given a glass of wine, or fruit juice, to lubricate the little grey cells for what was to follow. This seemed an appropriate moment to raise our glasses to Marion who recently celebrated her 99th birthday! We then had our version of “Call my bluff”, which involved Isabel, Sarah and Margot attempting to fool the members with plausible meanings of unpronounceable words.  The members then had to guess which was the correct one. The event was ably controlled by Joan. We followed this with a domino tournament led by Sarah and had members moving around and hopefully getting to know each other better.
Margot thanked Joan and Sarah for organising the events and pointed out that this might be Sarah’s final meeting as she is moving to Rugby.  Sarah has always been a willing volunteer and will be sorely missed. We wished her well.  The date of the next meeting is 16th July.



There were no visitors this evening but 36 members were welcomed.  A further 10 members sent apologies for absence.  Viv thanked herself for the lovely sweet pea flowers displayed in the rose bowl.  The Minutes of the June Meeting were available for members’ perusal.
In Matters Arising it was noted that the Saturday Market was still not well attended and it was decided to cancel all remaining bookings and call it a day.  Bredons Big Day Out was a great success on a blistering hot day.  Members were thanked for the cakes they made for the refreshment stall which were all sold.  Gill Smith with the help of Elaine Lane judged the cake competition and the cakes went on to be sold at auction.  The  Group Race Night was a fun night with 60 members attending from six WIs.  Strawberries and cream were eaten and copious glasses of Prosecco were quaffed!  The races were hilarious.  The Centenary Village Fair in Cirencester was enjoyed by some members and their families and friends with lots to see and do.  Margot made the discovery that the union flag was hanging upside down! Calendars and Diaries are now on sale for 2020.  The Racing Club is to continue as Shelley Coles has taken over and the subscription is £10 a year. The NFWI Raffle Tickets are being sold tonight.

Future Events.  The John Lewis Evening is tomorrow.  Our Centenary Table in Gloucester Cathedral on 12th and 13th October is being organised by Jeanette and Pauline who have great ideas for displaying how much our WI has been doing.  The Silk Painting Workshop at “Nature in Art” is on 18th July, 8 members are signed up at a cost of £10.   Correspondence from NFWI and GFWI was covered.  We were shown a sample of the Centenary Cathedral Table Cloth & the letter from GFWI on what our WI means to us was read out.  There is a list of Denman Bursary Information 2019/20 for members to peruse.  Note that the closing date is 16th August.  Viv highlighted the ACWW Funding and the Bargains galore (Faberdashery) in this month’s Newsletter.
Under AOB it was highlighted that there is a croquet practice at Beckford on 14th August from 10.30 to 12.30.  Names to Sue.  Viv mentioned the “Christmas” word and confirmed that there will be a normal Meeting in December with a festive theme.  Interest was gauged for another Christmas lunch at the Bell in Eckington on Saturday 7th December and there were enough hands up for us to go ahead and plan it.  On 21st September between 10.30 and noon there will be a table top sale at the Old Bakery in Bredon.
Finally, the Speaker (Margaret Daniels) spoke about and read out poems she wrote in a very humourous way.   There was a lot of appreciative laughter.  The date of our next Meeting is Tuesday 20th August and the Speaker is Arthur Ball on “Travels in Panama”



Viv welcomed 29 members this evening and noted apologies from 11 members.  The Minutes of the July Meeting were available to read.

Matters Arising.  The John Lewis Evening was enjoyed by the five members who went along.  The staff looked smart and the prosecco and canapés went down well and  Marjorie D won the John Lewis hamper!  Lucky lady.  Our Skittles team are through to the second round of the plate against Berkley and Hardwick WI.  NFWI Raffle tickets were on sale again as only 36 had been sold thus far.  Viv is looking into offers of assistance with transport for members to Meetings who may be unable to get there under their own steam.  Eight members went to the “Nature in Art” Silk Painting which lasted 2 hours and at £10 was fascinating and very good value.
Future Events.  The table display for the Centenary in Gloucester Cathedral is progressing well.  Items promised for the display by members can be left in Jeanette’s porch.  Volunteers to act as Stewards were required.  The workshop for glass painting or artificial flowers is on 26th September and the Wire and Bead workshop is on 17th October. The cost is £12 and there is a limit of 16 members.  Joan informed us that there is an offer of glass workshops on a Saturday am or pm at a cost of £15.  Joan displayed coasters and small waves which she had made herself and has a board for members to sign up.  A maximum of 8 members at a time and tea and coffee is available.
In the Correspondence bundle this month there is an offer of a free one-off IT Workshop being offered by Gloucestershire Adult Education explaining the different venues and courses to help members to make the most of the internet, improve their online skills and increase their confidence.  There are offers from Denman for residential courses in August and September where members can save £50. Bonsai Chi Classes are offered at the Devereux Centre every Wednesday from 11am – 12 noon.  See secretary for more information.
Welfare. Drivers for Community Care are needed in the Village to give lifts to people with doctor and hospital appointments. Please contact Elaine Lane.
Our Speaker this evening was Arthur Ball on his travels in Panama with a slide show which included wonderfully colourful pictures of the wildlife, many of which we had never heard of before.   Arthur is no stranger to our WI and his illustrated talks have always been well received.  What an interesting and busy life he leads!
The next Meeting is on 17th September and the Speaker is Ian Caskie on S.S. Great Britain from launch to relaunch.


Our President welcomed 30 members received apologies from 7 members.  We had an excellent lecture from Ian Caskie on the history of SS Great Britain.  Elaine C gave the vote of thanks.  Very apt as she is Bristol – born.  After refreshments, we turned to the Business element of the Meeting.

The semi-final of the Skittles Plate takes place in Ripple on 2 October, and subject to confirmation of date and venue in early October, the next round of the County Quiz. Members who are in need of a lift to meetings should contact a member of the Committee.
Future Events. Two workshops have been scheduled:  Twigworth “Nature in Art” on 26th September, and “Wire and Beads” in the Village Hall on 17th October. Minimum numbers are required for both.  There will be no further attempts to schedule croquet sessions until next year.  Jeanette gave an update on Bredon’s exhibition table for the Centenary Celebrations at Gloucester Cathedral.  A Board for the Christmas Lunch at The Bell on 7th December would be available at next meeting.
Correspondence.  There are discounted courses at Denman for knitting/crocheting of small octopuses for premature babies; The 2020 subscriptions will be £43;  Nominations were requested for the election of GFWI Board of Trustees. It was noted that the present Chairman, Jan Turner, and the present Archivist, Marion Postlethwaite, were standing down.
Newsletter.  Waddesdon Manor outing. Archive our Centenary activities. Resolutions Shortlist requires volunteers to attend, Viv hopes to attend.  IoW Spring Holiday.  Festive Fun Day.  A further John Lewis Evening.
AOB. A card to encourage recovery for Wendy had been signed by all present.  Jeanette  advertised a flower demonstration by Sallie Campbell in the Village Hall at 7.30 on Monday 7th October.  Organised by the Church Flower Guild, tickets £6 each.  There will be a Pop-up Market in the courtyard of the Sawyers adjacent to Drapers Shop this Saturday from 10.30 until noon.  Stalls are £3 each and we hope for a good number of casual visitors. Profit from table hire will go to Bredon Hancock’s school.  Margot thanked people for entry into the “Towns” Quiz which she had composed.  Aeona had the winning entry and was rewarded with a £10 prize.  Sylvia Harrington is holding one of her famous Teas in her home on Monday 30th September from 2 till 4 pm., proceeds to Dementia UK.
Date of next meeting is Tuesday 15th October.



The President welcomed 31 members and accepted apologies from 12 other members.
The September minutes were available for scrutiny before being signed.                  Matters from the Minutes included the news that our skittles team lost out to Bishops Cleeve WI in the County Skittles Competition.  In the County Quiz we had to drop out as 2 members were unavailable and the rules allowed for only one substitute. The Glass and Flowers Workshop at “Nature in Art” was very satisfying and Viv displayed her flowers to the Meeting.  The Gloucester Cathedral Exhibition for our Centenary was fantastic. A huge “thank you” goes to Jeanette and Pauline for all their work with our display.  We had one member helping with refreshments and 6 members were Stewards over the weekend. Viv reported that the choir were fantastic with 3 of our members singing.  The Flower Arranging Demonstration on 7th October organised by the Church Flower Guild was very interesting and well attended.  The Pop-up Market in Sue Sawyer’s courtyard had been good with stall holders doing well even though attendance wasn’t as good as expected.  Over £300 was raised from Sylvia Harrington’s charity tea event for dementia care.
Future Events.  There is another Workshop in the village Hall with Wire and Beads this Thursday and there are 5 places left. The next Workshop is at Nature in Art on Thursday 12th December from 11.30 to 13.30 making Christmas decorations at a cost of £10. Members are encouraged to sign up on the board. The November Meeting is the AGM and more Committee members are needed to help out from January.  There will be a Debate on the payment of expenses incurred in WI activities and a vote taken on a show of hands. Volunteers are needed to bring along poems or prose to read out at the next Meeting and hopefully some members will bring some puddings!
Newsletter. Viv highlighted the Denman courses on page 3, the New Speakers Taster Event on page 4 and Lampshade Making on page 6.
Correspondence. Denman are having a winter sale of 20% off all courses booked online before 30th November. Their new brochure is out and they say booking online has been made easy.  Angela thanked members on behalf of Helen N for donating plastic bottle tops which go towards wheelchairs and guide dogs for the blind.
A.O.B. Please sign the card going to Marie Savage on her move to Ilkley wishing her good luck.  Joan N is doing well after having some of the metal removed from her ankle. Viv thanked Kay and Sue who did a tin shake at Morrisons and helped raise £500 for St. Richards Hospice.
Our Speaker tonight was Deborah Overton on the Archaeology of Rabbit Warrens and Pillow Mounds with the help of a film show. The vote of thanks was given by Isabel.
The date of the next Meeting is 19th November which is the AGM.


The President welcomed 37 members and a further 7 members sent apologies.  Elaine C was thanked for seasonal poinsettia gracing the Bredon Rose Bowl.  The October Minutes were available for scrutiny before signature.
Matters from the Minutes.    Correspondence included a “thank you” letter to the Meeting from Jan and Anne at WI House for a wonderful Centenary.   Denman have 20% off winter courses in January and February.  There are two holidays with Denman to France and Italy with further details from Angela.
Newsletter. Viv pointed out Do You Take Plastic, NFWI AGM, Gift Aid It and Be in Touch. Elaine has sent 10 blankets to Blankets for the Homeless on pg. 2 which the Knit and Natter Group have provided.                                                                                                  Matters Arising.  Our Christmas lunch has been booked at the Bell in Eckington for the 7th December at 12.30.
Future Events.  The Group Carol Service will be held on Saturday 21st December at 14.30 in Tewkesbury Methodist Church.  The Christmas Craft Workshop at Nature in Art is on 12th December from 11.30 to 13.30 at a cost of £10.   Elaine has provisionally booked tickets for a trip to Mama Mia in London on 2nd April at 15.00 at a cost of £31 per ticket.  A show of hands confirmed that there were lots of interested members and the trip will now go ahead. Finally, there will be a table for unwanted gifts at our January Meeting with donations going to ACWW.
Welfare.  Bina is doing well after her knee operation.                                                            We began the AGM by appointing Alan M as our Independent Examiner for the Accounts.
The treasurer reported a healthy figure but pointed out that membership numbers are down therefore, subscriptions are down.  We paid out for six bursaries this year but it should be noted that not all were awarded in 2019.  The report was duly adopted.  Angela read out her Secretary’s Report of a very enjoyable year.  In the President’s Address. Viv thanked the Committee for their support over the year.
The 2020 committee, having been proposed and seconded was duly endorsed by the members.

The date of the next Meeting is 10th December to include Christmas themes, donations of wool and drinks and nibbles.  There will not be any report for this meeting.